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Oh Bilal Video: 10 Matches to Save WWE Superstars

by Bilal V - February 08, 2011

Just a note, to post this video took about 5 hours from writing to graphics, to uploading. So please comment (good or bad) and share it via social networking. Any support will encourage me to do this rather then just typing up another editorial.
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  • Bilal

    Thanks for the comments ConSkii and Jay. Solid point I would likely move some of those matches Darren Young and Yoshi among others are having to RAW and Smackdown.

  • Jay

    i think you missed the point of superstars altogether. the show is designed to give the undercard exposure and a chance to work televised matches. if they didn’t work superstars, they wouldn’t work at all.
    Plus, if you are of the opinion that any david otunga match could be worth watching, i advise that you see a physician.

  • ConSkii

    Oh Bilal. Great ‘Column, Nice Change.

    Keep Them Coming Mate

  • Bilal

    Pieman, thank you so much.

  • Pieman

    I liked it, Was a refreshing change and liked the subject. Good going buddy.

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