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Oh Bilal: How WWE Should Have Booked WrestleMania

From a sloppy Batista being booed out of the arena as he won the Royal Rumble, to CM Punk apparently quitting after being left out of the main event of Mania. WWE has gotten just about every single choice wrong this year. So let me take a crack at booking the biggest show of the year for WWE.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow – special referee Hulk Hogan

More interesting than Batista vs Orton? No kidding! In this alternate reality cancel Randy Orton vs John Cena part 451. Instead CM Punk started causing pure havoc prior to the Royal Rumble leading to him being included in a triple threat match for the title. As you may of guessed by now he won that. CM Punk has given this company everything they wanted and some pipe bombs they did not know they needed. Given how Cena has been booked at the Rumble with Bray Wyatt for Mania he has been nothing more than a place holder until Mania. Cena won the World Heavyweight Title just for Orton to unify it. You knew something was up with Cena won a title that was not the WWE Title.

Then there is Daniel Bryan… he is one of the top in ring competitors in the WWE today and as over with the fans as Stone Cold Steve Austin in his prime. I would go as far to say I may never seen another wrestler in WWE with the overall skills in the ring and on the microphone as Daniel Bryan. Its completely ridiculous that Brock Lesnar can come back from vacation and demand a title shot, yet Bryan has fought for a bunch that have been tarnished by the authority. Not to mention we have seen far too many single match main events over the years. Bryan would earn his spot pinning the Rumble winner Sandow, champion CM Punk and former champion Orton leading up to Mania making him a late underdog addition.

Oh and Damien Sandow, how WWE has allowed the uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion to fall completely off the map is a shame. When you talk about top heels in the company he is undoubtedly among them and one of the younger ones at 31. To be honest he has not had nearly enough time to troll Daniel Bryan or CM Punk over his career. In this world Sandow wins the Rumble with a late entry and some clever hiding.

Given that Hogan is clearly doing work for WWE Network but cannot physically wrestle giving him a spot as a ref seems like an ideal role. Have HHH attempt to help Orton, only for Hogan to punch him out and count the win for Daniel Bryan.

Brock Lesnar W/ Paul Heyman  vs The Undertaker vs Sting – Extreme Rules Match

Where CM Punk failed Heyman last year Brock Lesnar shall succeed. At this point I am not sure if Taker can… well take another match at Mania. Sting vs the deadman is also a chance WWE cannot pass up. The legend of Taker has become so grand that the best way to end it is to have Lesnar pin Sting rather than Taker actually being pinned. It would be a fitting send off to The Undertaker that will be debated by fans for generations to come.

Cody Rhodes vs Goldust – W/ Dusty Rhodes on commentary

I am still baffled at the Royal Rumble, only two superstars appeared in matches and the Royal Rumble match and it was in fact the Rhodes family. Yet they showed up on Raw the next night for a rematch for the Tag Titles they lost before the Rumble, despite Goldust eliminating his brother from the Rumble once again. WWE should of taken the titles off the family a month before causing a feud that spills into the Rumble, leading to a clearer and more heated feud. At this point WWE will either rush this process or not even bother with what could be a show stealing match. It boggles the mind that Dusty Rhodes who has been a big part of NXT the past few years has been entirely erased from this storyline. Cody needs to send Goldust on the Cross Rhodes before he rides off into the sunset.

Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs US Champion Dean Ambrose – Unification Match

With WWE adding 3 titles to NXT and hopefully some on the way for WWE in the future with the launch of a new Network, these titles need to be unified. Disagree? How awesome would it be for the Hardcore Title to truly be defended under a 24/7 rule? You could be watching WWE Countdown and a title match breaks out! Back to this title match. Big E is the favorite here partly because the WWE wants to erase the US Title in this merger. In fairness I think most fans would agree the IC Title has a richer history and a more classic look. Not to mention Ambrose has had more time and success on the main roster and has largely outgrown his title. Big E on the other hand is still getting his reps in. While I am talking about Big E can we get the “five” chants back?!

Batista vs Wyatt

A returning hero who is not over with the fans and a young heel would intrigues the fans? Seems like a logically fit. All you need is Batista being interrupted by the family to prompt a rookie vs veteran type feud. Batista returns to WWE to find one of the most bizarre Superstars in company history and you know what that means? Thumbs down! Of course Batista is going to need some backup, for which he will enlist The Prime Time Players. Think about it, Batista’s firework ring entrance dance is basically the same as the millions of dollars dance. While Batista return is a big deal Wyatt gets the win and keeps carving out a big future in the WWE.

John Cena vs Roman Reigns

I was somewhat torn here you can make a great case that Roman Reigns should be in the main event of WrestleMania but realistically a Money in the Bank briefcase or Royal Rumble win is in his near future. So in the meantime lets put him again one of the WWE’s best. Cena has his issues with The Rock and even in his absence his cousin will be a problem. Reigns can take a statement win and remind us his time is now.

Christian vs Sheamus

Sheamus’ come back at the Rumble was excellent and it was a shame Christian was not there as well. In my alternate universe Christian was in the Rumble and eliminated Sheamus. Causing a respect feud between Captain Charisma and the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus being the future of the WWE takes a hard fought win in a nice match for early in the card, maybe even the free preview match.

Diva’s Champion AJ Lee vs Naomi – Submission Match

Naomi gets her Diva’s Title shot, but the authority decides to put a twist on the match making it a submission only affair. Of course Natalya has to step in to teach Naomi a new submission finisher to counter the Black Widow. The interesting development for Naomi is after winning the title it becomes clear that Natalya is the number one contender for her new title.

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws vs Los Matadores vs The Usos vs The Real Americans

The New Age Outlaws face what appears to be their greatest threat to their titles. You have Los Matadores who are hungry and under another identity have been champions before. Then The Usos who are poised to become champions sooner or later. Along with the super team that is The Real Americans. Generally, the odds of the Tag Champions retaining in this type of match are about 25%. However, The Real Americans and Zeb Colter focus all their energy on Los Matadores. Thus The New Age Outlaws will be able to get a hard fought pin fall over the Usos.

There you have it, I would like to think this is much better than what WWE will be selling us. Would you book WrestleMania XXX differently?

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  • Bilal

    Meh they had their run. Would rather see them go head to head.

  • anon

    what how do u not put cody and dust in the tag team match lol