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Oh Bilal: Why The WWE MUST Merge The Intercontinental And US Titles

When first asked Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose about the prospect of merging the two mid card titles, I hated the idea. There are too few titles as it is, I thought! However, then I watched NXT a few weeks later, it was not a normal episode but rather the year end clip show.┬áRenee Young aka Renee Paquette pointed out NXT had given birth to not only its own Title but a Tag Team and Woman’s Title. Granted the WWE had just merged the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles into the cleverly named WWE World Heavyweight Championship /end sarcasm. However, if they were to go forward with the mid card merger that would be three new NXT Titles for two merged WWE Titles. So I was pretty sold on the concept. Now the Bella Twins are pushing for a Diva’s tag team championship. A Title that AJ and Tamina, The Funkadactyls, The Bellas among others could indeed contend for. The addition of such a title could also push Emma and Paige to the main roster sooner.

While many would like to see the European Championship come back as well, the NXT Title fills its past role. The European Title was arguably never on par with the Intercontinental Championship but a spot for a bottom card Superstar short of mid card status to get some notoriety. The NXT Title has done that with its holders: Seth Rollins, Big E and of course Bo Dallas. That said the addition of the Hardcore and Cruiserweight Championship would offer the chance to create a more gimmick based belt. While Hardcore rules have been cleaned up for PG TV, the 24/7 aspect could be a great asset on the eve of the WWE Network. You could have a Hardcore Champion defending the Title on Main Event, NXT or even on the WWE App when you least expect it. As for the Cruiserweight Title it has been gone since 2007, meaning almost all of the past holders are long gone in the WWE opening up the door for new challengers.

The other thing to keep in mind is the United States Title now stands as the only WCW relic of the brand split of Raw and Smackdown. The World Heavyweight Title, Tag Titles, Women’s Title have all been merged. I feel it is not a question of IF these mid card Championships will be merged but rather when. WrestleMania stands out as an ideal location. That is unless The Shield is poised for a six man tag match. The WWE has been very quiet on the matter outside of a teasing online article and just passing references by Ambrose and E on commentary. So I think the Royal Rumble may indeed be too soon but the Elimination Chamber would be the most fitting time. The Chamber will occupy many superstars leading to the need for more single matches. This would allow Roam Reigns to compete in a Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title with: Randy Orton, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Big Show and CM Punk. While Big E and Ambrose duke it out for the new Undisputed Intercontinental Championship.

Do you think should the WWE merge the Intercontinental and US Championships and which titles should the WWE bring back?

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