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Oh Bilal Video: Who Daniel Bryan Should Face at Wrestlemania

Bilal talks about 3 ideal opponents for Bryan. My apologies for the audio issues.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]

  • CM Mark

    Bryan needs to face Sheamus for the WHC at WM 28.

  • Bilal

    Hmm fair enough Gary, I wouldn’t mind seeing CM Punk break the streak.

  • Gary

    I understand and kinda agree with you Bilal, but just dont think should be bryan, ONLY person I’d see beat Taker is maybe and JUST MAYBE, CM Punk, other then that i dont see anyone like JIR said that will be “someone who can take over his spot for a long long time”

  • JIR

    I am of the group that thinks taker should retire with the streak undefeated. If Taker loss to someone it should be someone who can take over his spot for a long long time

  • Bilal

    I gotta disagree a little bit Gary, I think Bryan winning would be greater and would make another addition to the hall of fame. Taker has already written his legacy, one lose doesn’t take much away from it.

  • Gary

    i miss em, and would be a big up to bryan even to lose to taker on his last match…maybe even win…but imo, Undertaker SHOULD retire undfeated

  • Bilal

    For sure Gary, makes me wonder when was the last time a world championship match at Mania was a submission match? Not sure exactly but definitely to long ago.

  • Gary

    still want my scsa vs cm punk for mania, but i would love to see Taker vs Bryan maybe a submission match and taker takes it and retires…

  • Bilal

    News to me Rick, but it could happen. Would indeed be a big surprise.

  • rick

    I read that Bryan might cash it in before Wrestlemania. Don’t know if it is true, just throwing it out there.

  • Bilal V

    Thanks for the comments guys. I did consider that match but I have the feeling Punk wants to stay on RAW, in fear of some of his rants being edited down on Smackdown.

  • I would love to see Bryan vs. CM Punk too. Find out who is really the Best in the World!

  • Speedy23

    I’d love to see Bryan vs CM Punk personally. That would be a hell of a match at Mania if given enough time.