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New Opponent for Randy Orton, Swagger & Vickie Guerrero, Storm Releases Ebook

– Tickets for the December 6th WWE SmackDown event in Jacksonville, Florida at the Veterans Memorial Arena go on sale September 17th.

– Lance Storm has released an ebook made up of stories from his website, The ebook is titled Storm Warning and is available to download for $7.99 through Amazon.

– WWE’s website has a new storyline interview up with Jack Swagger, where he talks about wanting to join Dolph Ziggler in Vickie Guerrero’s stable.

– In case you missed it, Mark Henry won a battle royal on this past Friday’s WWE SmackDown to become the new #1 contender to Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Title. WWE hasn’t made it clear yet if Henry gets his shot at Night of Champions or an upcoming episode of SmackDown.

  • jay are

    bring in a new face and someone that can really wrestle cause marc henry could’nt fight his way out of a paper bag!! christian os out of tune with the people. smackdown better change or its gonna be called shutdown! bring back the stupid rock to get better ratings and more people to watch.

  • tombstone1108

    I agree that Mark Henry deserves a push, I also think he works well for a man this size. I bet all the bashers on here would not say the things they are saying to his face out on the street.

  • JaYhAwK

    Well if we are going to talk about sloppy then why keep orton around I mean he is the face of smackdown but he has been known to be a botch master but no one says much about that. Then you have kofi and morrison who are both great but there botches are flashy so it is no big deal. I am not saying he is the best big man there is but maybe just maybe this program will work out and maybe it wouldn’t don’t know but no matter how much we post on these sites the wwe and vince and family know what is best for us to watch so it could be kahli vs orton and we would either have to watch it or not. The wrestlers of the old day’s are gone the great ring technicans and story tellers are gone we got what we got and remember smackdown is really like the bastard child of wwe next to raw.

  • adam

    @TaskMasters’ 3rd cousin twice removed- Dont insult santino by saying mark henry has his ablity. Santino is actually a good wrestler they just gave him a lame gimmik so he cant really show it. Also regal has more charisma then mark henry. I personally dont know what i would rather see either way its going to end with orton winning so just throw out some normal jobbers have them go in a title match and call it a day. At least on raw they went a few weeks with out cena as champion and even had him lose clean on 2 ppvs in a row. Orton hasnt lost clean in over 3 months in singles action.

  • rick

    ^^^^Exactly. If they want to reward Henry for being a loyal servant, give him a christmas bonus or a truckload of KFC (probably where the bonus would go anyway). They shouldn’t reward a wrestler at the fans expense.

  • keylo

    I have to agree with CC, as I bet you all saying because Henry is there so long he should get a shot, never said it about the Brooklyn Brawler.

  • CC

    @Tyler(: It doesnt matter what you do or dont want, the point is that as standard a losing champion automatically gets a rematch. If they then put someone else into it, then its just another slap in the face to Christian. And anyway, what people really want is for Christian to win, then Orton to lose a rematch and Christian moves onto someone else, not Orton.

    @ JaYhAwK
    It doesnt matter how long Henry has been there, he is still shit.
    Watching Smackdown last week, I couldnt believe how a guy who has been in the business as long as him could be so fucking sloppy. He was failing to protect people over and over again. And more than once I thought someone had possibly been seriously injured by his botches.
    People take the piss out of Sin Cara saying he botches stuff, but the botches he does only risk injuring himself, but Henry continues to botch moves or catches that could injure other people.

  • The Fork on the left

    Lance Storm whos he?

  • Cool Mark Punk

    Props to Bloodstone, last weeks raw we were discussing Swagger, he caled swagger joining the stable. Good call.

  • Death the Kid

    The same thing they did to MVP they did to Henry and it might happen again.

  • Bill

    @Jayhawk, well, that’s true, but I’m just worried this is all going to end up with him jobbing to Randy Orton. I mean, remember his “push” in 06? He practically did the same things now(too bad Kurt Angle wasn’t in the battle royal from 2011), then ended up getting injured & became Kool-Aid wearing Mark Henry in a matter of years.

  • JaYhAwK

    Henry has paid his dues in the wwe and deserves the world title push I mean the man did that storyline with mae young and her being preggo so i would say give the man a chance with the title because he doesn’t have many years left in him.

  • W.cares

    WWE cant win can they
    Randy Orton vs Christian “How many more times” people say
    Randy Orton vs Mark Henry “Id rather have Christian”

    Heres my way of doing it

    Randy Orton vs Mark Henry for the WHC at NoC
    Christian vs Sheamus – No1 Contender for the WHC at NoC
    (Before anyone says “its not a title match” dont matter. Every title is on the line but other matches can be added to the PPV)
    Christian loses and during the title match screws Randy out of the title giving Mark Henry his moment in the spotlight (he deserves it for being in the business for so long and to lengthen the “transformed” Mark Henry storyline long enough to end it right)
    So at HiaC Sheamus vs Mark Henry (HiaC Match)
    and Randy Orton vs Christian for the last time (HiaC)
    after that who knows but thats my take on it. What ya think?

  • Bill

    If Christian can’t be #1 contender, then at least let Rhodes get a shot.

  • GreatestInTheWorld

    Vickie is going to have 2 men, wow isn’t she so lucky?

  • kpnuttzlol

    Henry has been in the company for many years and not held the World Heavyweight or Wwe Championship(s). The highest he has held was the ECW Championship which is about equivalent to the IC or Us Title if I remember correctly. So he really does kind of deserve a run, hopefully after the next pay per view just so the title isn’t constantly bouncing around.

    I don’t like Henry’s matches because they are just to slow but he does deserve to hold the title.

  • Valo487

    Why they think Christian doesn’t have what it takes to be on top is beyond me when they push guys like Mark Henry….

  • Damkat

    have to agree i would rather see orton and christian again, then see hippo henry…we is just a boring guy with no wrestling skills what so ever. The only reason he has a job is cause he looks like a shaved ape…

  • 808notsogreat

    The talent of Santino, charisma of William Regal AND the muscle tone of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man?! Well no wonder he’s a fuckin’ A Superstar.

  • TaskMasters’ 3rd cousin twice removed

    So what your saying is you would rather see henry vs. orton? I would rather see him and christian for a billionth time rather than that fat sloppy POS mark henry.I don’t even understand why his no talent ass still has a job.He has the talent of santino, the charisma william regal and the muscle tone of the staypuff marshmallow man.I can’t for the life of me understand why he keeps getting main even opportunities.

  • LVW

    Not if there was a no return match clause put in.

  • Tyler(:

    @CC Orton vs Christian again?! No.. IMO they should leave Christian of TV till after the NOC PPV, then he gets his rematch, just have one WHC Match that’s not Orton vs Christian.

  • CC

    I really dont get WWE sometimes. Surely the current number one contender is Christian as he would have an automatic rematch clause.
    Henry shouldnt be number one contender until after Christian has had his rematch.