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Options for the RAW Roulette Wheel Revealed, Former WCW Star Backstage at RAW

Former World Champion Diamond Dallas Page revealed on Twitter that he is backstage for tonight’s RAW in Las Vegas. DDP showed a photo of WWE crew members and a steel cage, indicating that there will be a cage match on tonight’s show.

– WWE has released an image on their website of the RAW Roulette wheel they will be using on tonight’s show. Here are the options:

* Strange Bedfellows
* Player’s Choice
* Steel Cage
* Pillow Fight
* Handicap
* Lumberjack
* Blast from the Past
* Flag
* Mystery Match
* Falls Count Anywhere
* Tornado
* Blindfold
* Body Slam
* ? On A Pole
* No DQ
* Tables
* Special Guest Referee
* Trading Places
* Submission
* Song & Dance

  • SusyRko

    where is the remove the trunks match?

  • X

    No Coal Miners Glove Match? Lame…

  • KpNuttzLol

    I think Santino or Hornswoggle will end up in the Song and Dance competition.

    What happened to the more extreme roulette.Most of these are pretty lame matches and the good ones obviously won’t get selected.

  • little jimmy

    i hope a non PG match is a blast from the past match.

  • ML

    With the current product being so childish all the good choices like cage match and tables match will probably just be skipped. Of course it’s going to be set up to stop on stupid things like song & dance.

  • Daniel Parsons

    Please god don’t be a song and dance

  • 6burgh

    Vikie on a pole