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New Order from Vince, WWE Hires an Announcer, Build for Vengeance

– WWE is hoping to have next week’s RAW and SmackDown do strong builds to the Vengeance pay-per-view, almost like go-home shows with talents from each brand. The final week before Vengeance, the company will tape TV from Mexico City and they will be treating them like special shows.

– Vince McMahon recently made the decision to announce the real weights of WWE Superstars instead of worked weights.

– WWE has hired Chris Russo, no relation to Vince Russo, to a deal. He worked at the Wild Samoan school and did commentary as well as ring announcing.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Robb

    Being larger than life worked in the 80s and 90s because it was more cartoonish then. Whats the point of being larger than life in this day and age? Nobody likes being lied to anymore. People are struggling and maybe some skinnier people want to be wrestlers but can’t make over 200 lbs. Not everyone can. It’s kinda a discouragement on their part if they can’t make that weight when in reality it shouldn’t matter. I’d rather hear their real weight instead of billed weight any day.

  • Cj

    Hmm… just a guess but this might be happening because maybe the wwe and ufc have something up their sleeves… i recently read an article where it said that dana white (ufc’s President) and Vince had a meeting. Also read an article where a ufc fighter said something about the wwe and then dana white said something about Triple H and the wwe afterwards. I dont recall what he said but anyhow my point with all this is that maybe WWE or vince decided to start announcing the wrestlers actual weight because they want to do something with UFC , maybe start something like they did with WCW and have wrestlers fight ufc fighters or start something company vs company, it is the reality era after all. Plus there are some WWE wrestlers who have MMA back round. a few that come to mind off the top of my head are santino marella, vladimir kozlov and alberto del rio. so who knows.

  • Sean Mooney

    @ the_electrifying_one

    Orton at 6’1″?? I’d say maybe 6’3″. Weight, probably around 210.

  • Clench

    This is stupid in my opinion. While a lot of people may think it’s not important, it is. It actually solidifies wrestlers as being larger than life. That’s the whole point. Introducing their real weights makes them average at best

  • donners

    there goes any hope of them bringing back the cruiserweight championship…..

  • Jay

    Who cares about real weights. This isn’t the UFC where theres weight divisions. WWE is a fucking joke

  • venom

    I never believed Orton was 250.

  • the_electrifying_one


    195lbs is probably about right for Orton. He’s about 6ft1 with a decent but slim build. N I would say 185lbs is right for HBK.

    I’m 147lbs in weight and my billed weight is 165lbs

  • Pranav Joshi

    This is the reality era right? SO everything has to be as close to real as possible.

  • hardlyaaron

    @Kyle, ever hear of water weight? You can make your muscles look big and not have much strength to them. I doubt Batista could do even 5 fucking pull ups.

  • JIR

    wow next thing you know they will go back to tittles based on weight class

  • jenny craig here i come

    Humm so reveal the real weights to increase ratings? I can see it now on a infomerical “how I lost 100 LBS over night” disclaimer at bottom of ad, we billed each paid actor to say they weighed more then stated, and then at then end of this program we told the paid actors to revel there true weight! WTF VINCE

  • Evil Doink

    So Big Show and Mark Henry will both lose 75-100 lbs., and most other guys will lose 20-40 lbs. easily!

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    What the hell does real weights matter? Does anybody even pay attention to that anyways?

  • Effmenow

    And the Big Show weighing in at a jaw dropping 390 pounds.

  • Kyle

    Muscle weighs more then fat remember so imagine what goldberg, batistA bobby lashley and mason ryans weight

  • CM Mark

    Wow real weights! That changes…nothing. Lol.

  • Howe

    Orton’s not 195. He’s probably 225 or so. Doesn’t look 245 at all. He may allow top draws to keep their listed weight though.

  • deva

    so the wrestlers seem bigger rob, but the true weight I knew was always faked , but I believe they wont tell the true weights of guys like orton or cena, might them look weak,

  • Rob


  • deva

    shawn micheals is who I meant to say was like around 185

  • deva

    I heard shawn towards the end of his career was like around 185

  • Sean Mooney

    Evan Bourne, 140lbs?