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Original Plans for Ryback at WWE HIAC, Run-Ins Discussed, More

– We’ve noted how WWE officials, mainly Vince McMahon, went back and forth on the finish for Ryback vs. CM Punk at Hell In a Cell.

The original plan was for Ryback to win the WWE Title clean in the middle of the ring, hold it through Survivor Series and then drop it at TLC in a multi-man match where he wouldn’t be pinned or submitted. This was the plan through October 25th, the Thursday before the pay-per-view. The next day, Vince changed his mind and concluded that of the two, Punk’s streak was the one that had been hammered home on TV and keeping that streak alive would only help business through WrestleMania season. Vince noted that while it had been mentioned on TV that Ryback was undefeated, it wasn’t central to the storyline.

One WWE source close to creative was amazed that Vince made up his mind on the finish on October 26th and three straight days went by without him changing his mind.

Once they decided to have Ryback lose, many ideas were discussed on how to make that happen. They eventually settled on the Brad Maddox finish but had discussed run-ins by Big Show, Brock Lesnar, Mark Henry, Vince himself and others.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • ajdimick

    I’m not gonna lie, but I kinda wish ryback won the match. WWE gas gotten so damn predictable that I feel like I don’t even need to watch the matches. U can practically call every match before it happens. Obvs they’re gonna keep the streak goin for punk. Im willing to bet that this is vinces plan; punks gonna face the rock at the rumble and the rock is gonna teach him something about respect and win the title. Then, since vince loves cena, and cena has beef with both punk and the rock, there will be a triple threat match somewhere down the road if not at wrestlemania between cena the rock and punk.

  • Bill

    If Vince said that Punk needs to keep his streak going into Wrestlemania, does that mean he WILL beat Rock at the Rumble?

  • Matt

    Why do you all gotta be haters. Ryback winning wouldnt have been something bad but something interesting. Something the wwe never ever seems to do anymore

  • chronoxiong

    Vince agreed on a good decision for once. I’m impressed. I think the world would’ve gone mad if Ryback won the Title.

  • CM Mark

    Good call Vince, otherwise I would have tuned out for good.

  • Syxx

    Nevermind I forgot about Miz -__-

  • Syxx

    Brock Lesnar is going to be on team Punk. Its only Punk,Rhodes,Sandow,and Del Rio vs Kofi,Hell No, Orton and Ryback thats 4vs5

  • xXx

    please give us a decent stable, not 3MB where i see jinder mahal dig with an imaginary shovel

  • Pandar

    I personally would’ve liked to see Brock Lesnar interfere, as it would’ve been a much better finish imo. It only makes sense with Paul Heyman former managing Brock himself. Plus, it’d initiate that rumoured heel stable being managed by Heyman consisting of Punk, Lesnar and Cesaro (?). (I really hope this heel stable comes to fruition.)

    Something of that magnitude can hit the WWE hard if done right in terms of Evolution, the NWO etc. Heck, if Vince was the one that interfered, then a possible resurrection of the Cooperation would have given me a hard on. The only thing that’s come close to a decent heel stable in recent memory were Punk’s SES, and Barrett’s Nexus. I don’t know about anyone else, but I miss WWE having decent and notable stables within its roster, it’s one of the aspects that made me watch the WWF/WWE a lot. It was like cheering on your favourite sports teams behind the telly…

    Regardless, any of those finishers at the last sentence of that last article would’ve been a much better finisher than the referee doing a cheap blow.

  • adam

    If vince would of run in it would of been intresting and kind of cool. I would of liked to see lesnar or show run in instead of it ending because of the ref. Also i was kind of dissapointed on the teams i thought lesnar would of been on team punk instead of del rio

  • mike

    Vince running in could be very interesting if done right

  • Hasan

    Holy shit!! And I thought the screw job was a bad idea. Ryback ending the streak would have resulted into IWC erupting.