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Original Sin Cara Returns To Action At SmackDown Live Event In Tacoma

Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the original Sin Cara, returned to action at Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Tacoma, Washington.

Alvirde is eligible to resume performing since his thirty-day suspension for his first violation of WWE’s drug testing policy expired on Tuesday. He claimed in an interview that he did not know what he had tested positive for and that he had only gotten a routine injection for his injured knee in Mexico.

Alvirde’s future with the organization was believed to be in doubt since developmental talent Jorge Arias (a/k/a Hunico) assumed the Sin Cara character at the last two SmackDown tapings. There was talk that the move would be permanent since company officials were reportedly sour on Alvirde due to his attitude and lackluster performances.


  • Graham

    Original sin cara was awesome and no doubt. The current sin cara didnt appear to fit with wwe style and i felt the matches didnt flow, it was literally spot after spot after spot, he also looked fat lol.

    I hope they do a sin cara vs sin cara storyline, maybe have one of them be a heel in black, kind of like the power rangers maybe 😉

    To be fair to the guy he didnt look like he took steroids and he hasnt really had a storyline, so what do you expect. He is over with the fans without doing anything really.

  • adam

    Either way to get back on topic i personally think hunico was better as sin cara. I wouldnt be suprised if A.Sin cara is on thin ice and if he messes up he gets realsed or B. Hunico comes up as someone else and there is a rivlary like i stated before.

  • Rob

    OMG… Commentors (sp?) pointing out misspelled words and wrongfully typed sentences… Like that hasn’t been going on since the internet started… Whatever will we do when someone writes something the wrong way… I’m sure the Earth itself will implode and the birds will shit in our mouths for our illiteracy… Oh no…

  • lazlo woodbine

    Hey CM SUCKS, what are you? Some kind of semi-literate troll? Back under the bridge with you, you fucking bum.


    hey devil rising what r u some english teacher u fuckin bum

  • Evil_angel

    Finally the real sin cara is come back !! I think people think hunico was better because he didnt botch ok right maybe but hunico doesnt do the half of sin cara(original) and we need to give im a chance he just began in wwe

  • adam

    Ya i know i noticed that right as i hit post.

  • Devil_Rising


    No offense man, but it’s “Made”. Not “Maid”.

  • adam

    I think hunico was better because he didnt botch as much. Sin cara im not sure that he really gets the wwe style and how to addapt to it like hunico can. Maybe if he would of actually gone into FCW instead of jumping right to wwe he could of but who knows if that would of maid a difference. I dont think they will do sin cara vs sin cara but maybe another charcter hunico plays vs him saying i had to fill in for you because you couldnt keep yourself together. But hunico better be damn good on the mic because cara cant talk at all except in spanish. Also you will have somethin wwe hasnt really had a fully luchador heel.

  • thestar

    original sin cara vs fake sin cara

  • mark

    Im glad WWE saw sense and brought him back

  • Soulshroude

    Your kidding right, Tyler? Hunico really did bite the big one in most of the spots he did with his in ring performance. It was very easily noticable as to how winded he was during most if not all his moves. Sin Cara (original) may have been a bit smaller and less in weight, but he (the original) never became winded as quickly as Hunico did.

  • Tyler(:

    Hunico was beter IMO.

  • Jason

    And here comes the Sin Cara vs fake Sin Cara storyline.