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Orton Wants Heel Turn, Cena With Tebow at Jets Game

– As reported before, Randy Orton badly wants to turn heel and is not trying to hide it publicly. When a fan asked him on his Twitter about his favorite gimmick or storyline, Orton replied, “Where I’m a HEEL”

– As noted earlier, John Cena was the honorary captain for the New York Jets today as they faced the Indianapolis Colts. WWE tweeted this photo of Cena and Jets quarterback Tim Tebow:

It’s #TebowTime for @JohnCena at @MLStadium, as Cena meets @nyjets’ QB @TimTebow. @WWE @nfl

John Cena and Tebow

  • eric

    Yeah i agree adam. cena was alot better in 2002-2003 with his trash talking rapper heel. His promos and matches were alot better when he had rapper gimmick. Also orton was alot better as heel. wheter it is cocky brash heel as rookie in evoultion. Heel as leader of legacy. or heel on his own. he is boring face. some superstars are better heels. terrible faces. Big show was bad face. great monster heel. Cena i don’t know if cena even wants turned heel. atleast orton wants to turned heel. wish cena felt same way. when hogan turned heel in wcw in 1996. as leader of nwo that was great of business. if cena could have big heel turn. As hogan had in 1996 wcw. That would be great. even if wwe writers book cena heel turn out of nowhere. As writers of old wcw did for hogan in 1996

  • Jay hawk

    He wouldn’t go heel because even if he does heel acts he will get cheered so he would be betterof a tweener

  • adam

    Its the same with cena if you think about it. Everyone wants them to turn heel even they have said it would be fun to change things up and go heel. But the WWE is such chicken shits because they dont know how to build up any new talent to be a top face so they want to stay in there little protective bubble having cena and orton be everyones best friend even though there both better as a heel.

  • DaveyH

    I’m by no means a fan of Orton, I think his bland lack of charisma is painfully boring and the fact he can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of the WWE management is equally annoying. But, that being said I think he does work much better as a heel, because unless you’re a 14 year old girl who would fall in love with a poster on the wall, it’s easy to dislike Orton. If they turned him though that would leave quite a gaping hole in the face roster

  • Cakes

    The WWE has guys like Ziggler and Bryan who get monstrous face chants during the duration of their matches and can EASILY get over as a face, especially when feuding with a great heel. Orton can be that great heel and Orton was the last great heel the WWE had. 2008-2009 Age of Orton was a great run for randy. The WWE needs to turn Randy heel and turn Ziggler and Bryan face. Orton vs Sheamus at WM29

  • Ant

    I want this badly along with Orton himself, but the amount of Faces on Smackdown is very limited so it may be a while before he gets a heel face.

  • Hank Moody

    I hope WWE doesn’t give it to him. We don’t need Orton stealing potential world title feuds from better heels.

  • CM Mark

    Orton wants to turn Heel? Good for him.

    He just makes me want to turn it off.

  • Tombstone

    Dont really matter because if he turns heel everyone here willlove him once again and complain about WWE jobbing him out when he loses.

  • Jimbotron

    When he’s a heel will he get bitched out like every other heel in WWE or will he still inexplicably win nearly every match?

  • Robinson

    I want him to be a heel again but I also understand why they haven’t yet.