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Orton on Twitter, DiBiase vs. Morrison Update and More

– Randy Orton launched a Twitter page yesterday. You can check it out at

– Devin sent the following: WWE has added a third show to it’s upcoming tour of Puerto Rico. The event takes place on September 4, 2010 at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Hato Rey. Tickets go on sale July 31, 2010.

– Regarding the John Morrison vs. Ted DiBiase program, it is expected to be prolonged through at least September as tentative creative plans call for the two RAW Superstars to face off at Night of Champions. It’s possible one of them will win a title between now and then.

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  • Notingham

    Morrison will probably beat MIZ for the US title fairly soon so that MIZ can go on to win the world title… Always happens when a guy is getting pushed to the world title.. loses the IC and then wins the world within a few months.

    Good for Morrison as he beat the world champ… Then again, they seem to just misuse Morrison. Either keep the current persona and turn him heel… Or have him just be more himself and not be a face.

  • wtf???

    who cares who the wwe champ is so as long as its not cena or orton.

  • venom

    Maybe Miz will go into Wrestlemania as World champ and Morrison will win the rumble. I think that would be nice.

  • RKOmonster

    morrison for wwe champ !

  • CiB

    Wow- it censors the technical name for a sweary word! E x p l e t i v e.

  • CiB

    No one ever defends the US title. As a rule, WWE keep title matches off TV cards, and there often isn’t time for US/Intercontinental title matches on PPV cards- not when we can have another gripping dose of the same old

  • me

    why put a belt on the miz ? he never defends it why did wwe bother giving him the us title back if he never defends it the guy is a bore he only good for a match about once a couple of months Morrison should be where miz is .

  • Zach V

    Vengeance? that ppv has been scrapped its Night of Champions now get with the times buddy lol

  • Nobody

    The only history The Miz will be making in the next 12 months is to be the first MITB winner to lose his title match

  • jack

    i like this fued. they both are ready for a big push. morrison and dibiase competeing for a championship would be a great storyline. as long as it is the wwe champion belt

  • Rodd

    Miz should hurry up and cash in MITB so he can make history,holding both the WWE and the US Title, then lose the US title to Morrison so he can face Dibiase in a Champion vs Champion Match at Vengence!!!

  • Laid

    title is going to be the million dollar champioship..