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Orton Says More People Want To See His ‘Mania Match Than Bryan vs. Sheamus

Randy Orton believes his upcoming match against Kane at WrestleMania XXVIII is a bigger deal than the World Heavyweight Championship bout between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus.

“I think there might be a little more people out there who want to see Kane-Orton as opposed Sheamus-Daniel Bryan,” Orton stated Friday morning on the Big Poppa In The Morning radio program promoting WrestleMania XXVIII.

He also discussed WrestleMania XXVIII taking place on his birthday, WWE recently returning to a revamped Madison Square and The Rock vs. John Cena. The Viper hopes to see Cena cleanly defeat The Rock via Attitude Adjustment.

The ten-minute interview is available here.

  • Rucdogg

    B C Mitchell. Austin was in one high profile match at mania before his program with the rock. and that was the i quit match with bret hart. he didnt go after the world title at mania until AFTER his program with the rock over the ic title where rocky pretty much put him over every time they wrestled. then when they feuded over the world title austin won both of those. i know austin was a huge star before he and rock went at it but rock def helped him become bigger. and vice versa.

  • Ron Damon

    No shit. They haven’t buitl up Sheamus vs Bryan at all.

  • Angry benny

    Orton vs Kane?? Sooo what was their big build up, wait! why didn’t they pit them on house shows to build up this feud months in advance, oh wait! thats right, it was a last second angle to put orton in WM, Oh by the way Orton, BRYAN>orton, just saying

  • Albert

    Lol is he joking?? no one gives a shit about the kane vs orton match cause we all know whos going to win!! im excited for the world title match cause Bryan might end up retaining, you never know but i also wanna see if AJ plays a part in the match so yea im more excited for Daniel vs sheamus 🙂

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I’d rather see Bryan/Sheamus.

  • Jason L

    Orton = egotistical.

  • angel z

    kane and orton sounds way better to me and it is going to be a brutal match at mania.

  • drew

    who r u kidding randy orton?

  • b c Mitchell

    Rucdogg with all due respect but Austin got the rub from Rock? You better flip that around man. Rock got the rub from Austin. Austin was headlining Wrestlemania while Rock was open card facing the Sultan.

  • RawisWar

    I think Tim is right. i would rather see Bryan vs someone else like Dolph Zigler, Mysterio if was to come back maybe even the Big Show but Shemus vs Bryan seems like a boring to match to me i would of put him in the Orton vs Kane match make it a Triple Threat and add Del rio if he was to come back and make it a 4way. theirs only 3 matches worth watching

  • scooter

    you mean that feud that looks like it was put together at the last second when they realized they had nothing for those guys yeah I’m sooooo excited!

  • Phill

    I wanted to see Bryan vs Punk with an actual finish, but hey what can ya do

  • Bill

    Rock doesn’t need to beat Cena to still be over with the fans. Cena should win, since maybe a huge win would help fuel a much-needed revamp of his character.

  • Dwayne

    Nothing against Brian Danielson or Sheamus, but the two against each other doesn’t scream wrestlemania to me

  • 1919dpg

    kane vs orton is completely pointless and will probably be insanely boring to watch. as much as i like kane he should have retired in 2003 after that awful katie vick storyline and orton is a also a great wrestler but he has ZERO personality is incredibly bland in the ring.

    both sheamus and danielson are great wrestlers and have a shitload more personality than both kane and orton.

  • TS93

    The difference between orton/kane and sheamus/bryan is orton and kane didnt happen at last years wrestlemania. And im pretty sure bryan will retain, unless they make him job.

  • Devil_Rising

    What a complete and utter dumbass. Way to sell the World Heavyweight Title AND your fellow wrestlers way short. Sorry Orton….I really doubt anyone cares that much about you vs. Kane. I know I don’t.

  • Jimbo

    So now no one can say Orton isn’t involved on backstage politicking. No Orton, we don’t want to watch you bury people in title matches.

  • Jesse

    Orton, dont speak for us u asshole. Learn a move that cant b done by any child then people might want to see u

  • Arrrrrrr truth

    Randy Orton is boring! Smackdown ratings didn’t go up until he lost the title and Henry feuded with Show and Bryan. The Kane-Orton match is proof that you CAN’T just throw two big names together at the last minute. Sheamus is super over and Bryan will make him look better than he is. Just like Punk did with Orton last year.

    Cena deserves the win over the walking catchphrase that Rock has become.

  • Paton

    sorry Orton, you are wrong, rando as hell match because you had nothing to do, novody cares about it and no one will even remember that it was a match.

    Shame it wasn’t Orton v Bryan, that would be far better

  • Malice

    I think that’s how I feel about Orton’s comments.

  • Rucdogg

    I wish you were right Best In The World, sadly WWE has a history of not letting talent win in their hometown, not to mention the Rock has a history of putting people over and doing whats right for the business…despite all the shit people talk about him. Who got their first world title win vs The Rock? Angle, Foley, Lesnar, Jericho. Not to mention Austin, Hurricane, Booker, Benoit, all got the rub from Rocky, but man what a selfish prick he is right? lol. I hope he whupps cenas ass but im sure it wont happen.

  • you need to give him some quality time

    actually Kane/Orton is the most random and boring match on the whole card. Sheamus/Bryan isnt too much better, but why are they treating Kane/Orton like its fresh and exciting? It aint.

  • heyfit

    Putting sheamus in the mainevent, HORRIBLE IDEA.
    that white prick can’t wrestle at all. he’s a clumsy big ginger pale guy, typical Vince McMahon type of favorite ‘wrestler’.

    JOHN CENA is a better wrestler than Sheamus.

  • Dave

    No more than I can see WWE putting a man who will make half a dozen appearances a year, over the face of the company. This is going to be a passing of the torch match. Like when Hogan put Rock over in their Wrestlemania match.

  • Best In The World

    We all know The Rock is gonna beat Cena i just cant see The Rock jobbing to Cena in his hometown

  • Tim

    Orton haha oops

  • Tim

    I wanna see Orto/Kane more for sure but not cause I dislike Bryan its because Sheamus is a bum in my opinion haha. I cant stand his matches. Bryan is capable of putting on a great match but I dont feel that about Sheamus. Not to mention the way WWE will probably book that match will not allow it to be what it should/could be. No one is gonna be allowed to steal the thunder of Taker/HHH or Rock/Cena.