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Orton Responds to Marine Comments, HBK and Austin’s MRA Episode, Brock Lesnar

– WWE has launched a WWE Universe Facebook page for Brock Lesnar at

– Shawn Michaels wrote on Twitter that the episode of his MacMillan River Adventures show that was filmed with Steve Austin at Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch will likely air as the season finale for the upcoming season.

– Randy Orton wrote the following on Twitter in response to fan comments after he was pulled from The Marine 3.

“I respect our military. That’s why I’ve gone to Iraq or Afghan 3 times and met thousands of soldiers. Funny that’s not mentioned.”

  • Chris

    Going on a tour with WWE 3 times is kind of different than going on a tour of combat.

    I’ve done about as much as Orton to prove I’m not a coward…like him, I’ve never fought for my country.

  • Soulshroude

    3 Tours and he is condemned for going AWOL twice? Lovely society we live in.

  • John

    Again to everyone here calling Orton a coward what exactly have you done to prove yourselves to be the opposite? Nothing. My hat’s off to anyone who’s served, big ego or not. And like I said none of you know what his reasons were.

  • Chris

    lol@ Orton…going somewhere to fake wrestle is a whole lot different than having someone actually try to kill you.

    Ant, you’ve totally missed the point…it has nothing to do with Orton making millions cause he deserted. Basically, he showed he’s a coward…luckily only training. Imagine if he was actually in a heat of combat then chickens out and runs and bails on his platoon. Pretty cut and dry, we can judge him. Would I last…no, but I didn’t sign up and make a commitment to my country.

  • grizz

    Randy, can you say coward.

  • Y2J

    Maybe someone needs to tell Randy there’s a BIG difference between going to Iraq or Afghanistan three times as a marine and going there as part of WWE’s Tribute to the Troops special. BIG difference…

  • Well I actually wanted to see this movie but since Orton wont be in it FUCC this movie. Marine 2 was one of the worst movies I ever seen.

  • Ant

    just like your name says whocares

  • heyfit

    Randy Orton has a small penis.

  • Whocares

    And to put it in perspective for anyone not in the military, how would you feel if Hollywood made a movie about your job. And they cast someone who couldn’t even finish training to do it as the lead?

  • Whocares

    Is he bragging about the tribute to the troops like it makes him a tough guy? I’m pretty sure Kelly Kelly was there with him for each of those. Going AWOL is something he was t live with. No matter what else he does in life, he still got scared and ran away.

  • Dean

    Is it so much better to have someone who knows nothing about the marines then someone who was actually in them.

  • Ant

    @adam…thats true and all dat but noone has the right to judge another person especially if they dont know what the reason for ortons decision i mean going awol in the long run turned out to be not such a bad thing ortons getting millions of dollars and has become a multi time world champion so therefore id say he got the good end of the deal

  • adam

    @John…I dont think so its not like orton is a bad guy in wwe tv so to say people would be throwing a fit if punk got botted for the movie for going awol isnt really true. The reason people are complaining is the same reason the marine corps are complaining why have someone who quit be able to represent the corp in a movie.

  • John

    @Gorilla. You wouldn’t last 1 day with the marines. You don’t know what his reasons were. It’s really easy for people like you to sit back and judge without even knowing what was going on. Plus he served his time. The IWC hates Orton because McMahon and the casual fans like him. That’s the only reason. If CM Punk went AWOL and lost this movie role the IWC would probably be throwing a s**t fit and start bashing the marine corp.

  • Gorilla

    Orton you went visit not help fight like the pledge you agreed to when you signed up for marines you stupid fuck

  • Snark Mark

    Randy, don’t get defensive about this. No one blames you for going AWOL. Being a Marine looks like seriously scary shit. Just sit back, listen to voices in your head, and become a record setting World’s champion.