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Orton Takes a Shot at CM Punk?, Former WWE Diva Attends Live Event, Latest 30 Second Fury

– WWE’s latest 30 Second Fury video looks at Booker T’s scissor kicks:

– Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall was backstage at last night’s WWE live event in Orlando.

– Randy Orton cut promo before his match with John Cena at last night’s WWE live event in Orlando and said a line that had many fans thinking he took a shot at CM Punk leaving. Orton said, “If at first you don’t succeed, quit.”

  • The Killswitch

    Punk really only wanted two things: to main event a Wrestlemania, and for the returning stars to have an equal shot as anyone else. And to be honest, that’s not really that selfish by any stretch. The Rock/Cena match took precedence over a title match a few years ago, and his match with Taker was also overshadowed by Rock/Cena.

  • ShiekyBaby

    It doesn’t matter what spin you put on it, Orton toiled in the mid card for 2 years and unlike Punk didn’t quite when he didn’t get his way. Where was Orton’s special treatment then? Punk is an absolute disgrace. I hope that egomaniac is gone forever. WWE got by with losing Hogan, Austin, Rock, HBK, Hart, etc. They can survive losing a far lesser star in CM Punk.

  • Doodle

    Probably because Punk wasn’t taken under anybody’s wing and given special treatment in his first few years in the company. Punk also obviously hasn’t failed multiple drug tests and still hasn’t been let go because he was hand picked to be somebody.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    My 4 year old acts more like an adult than CM Punk.

  • Peyton Manning Swag

    Remember kids…Whenever you don’t get your way just quit and complain

  • MrDr3w

    But Orton never got discouraged and quit like a big baby.

  • Jason Lentini

    So says Randy Boreton. Punk has more charisma in his pinky than Orton has had, has, & ever will have and has been much more relevant in the past 2 years than Boreton has been in his entire career.