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Orton-Rumble News, Three-Hour RAW Planned, Vince’s New Cars, WWE’s Focus Study

– Vince McMahon reportedly purchased three new Ferraris in the past week.

– Randy Orton is scheduled to be announced for the Royal Rumble main event on next Monday’s RAW Supershow

– As noted before, the final RAW Supershow before WrestleMania 28 will be on March 26th in Atlanta, Georgia with an appearance by The Rock. Right now this is scheduled to be a three-hour show.

– As noted before, WWE is working on a new focus study for males & females ages 12-17. The 90 minute focus group will take place on January 26th in White Plains, New York and WWE will be trying to figure out why the RAW ratings for that demographic have dropped big time in recent years.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Venoms Little Jimmie

    I’ve been watching wrestling since I was 3. I’m 11 now and my most memorable moments were when Hulkster ripped off his shirt and exposed his sagging man breasts!

    I would also appreciate seeing Mae West and the Great Mulah in a bra and depends match. They are HOT!

  • Pete

    I’ve watched wrestling since I was 12 and I’m 32 now, and Sam has it spot on, we want to see steel chairs over the head, we want to see a proper hell in the cell match (with blood), We want the Cheap Heat to be a bit risque, 12-15 year olds are playing Call Of Duty so I’m sure they can handle a bit of language, and a bit of proper Wrestling action. Another of Era of Attitude won’t hurt anyone, just don’t think WWE know their own audience anymore! Rant Over.

  • sam

    pg isn’t got 12-17 its more for 12 and younger as when i was 15 i just wanted to see wrestling with steel chairs and swearingh just like i do now and im 17 now

  • kitkrock

    I blame Barry Obammy for Vince buying only 3 cars when he could’ve bought 4.

    Darn you, Barry. Darn you to heck.

  • Devil_Rising

    I thought Orton was hurt so bad he wouldn’t be at WM? If he winds up winning the rumble, that PPV is pretty much dead to me.

  • Cenaheelturnplz

    Its either orton or jericho winning the rumble no one else PERIOD

  • HHH

    vince acts like hes rich or something

  • austin316

    WWE needs to focus on getting back their orignal aged fans, that being adults, they were the most loyal fans in the world, and now you’ve got kids saying on day I LOVE WWE , and the next they hate it

  • Flash86

    PLEASE……….Randy Orton will not win the Royal Rumble if they are announcing him in the match. The Miz is my pick!!!

  • Bill

    Now, WWE is going to make Orton’s predictable Rumble win even dumber by announcing it earlier.

  • bonerjams

    The rating doesn’t matter its the quality of the show that has floundered durinng the years. It doesn’t feel fresh anymore and backstage skits that happen during wrestlemania and u know what I mean when they just throw superstars and legends and end up dancing makes people flip through channels. That and the same ol shit.

  • Mark C.

    @ heyfit: Because more than 3 cars is getting carried away.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    @heyfit, Probably cause he only wanted 3.

  • Stashathan

    They did use music during a promo before, recently
    when Kane was WHC

  • fivogoeswest


    You can blame it on this damn economy being so bad. He probably wanted 6 but cause times are a little tough he had to settle for just 3. damn that Obama.

  • Joshua

    Kids drop off because of school or army or such things, I kno I did till the end if basic training

  • Sammo

    Instead of trying to get teenage girls to watch the show, I think WWE should focus more on getting back the actual wrestling fans who have stopped watching and hear what they have to say.

  • Buttercastle

    @heyfit I’m sure he wanted to but they probably only had 3 left.

    Also with the whole Randy Orton thing……. am I the only one who misses the good old days when matches at PPVs actually had buildup for more than 1 show before the actual event? Now it’s just “Oh hey I’m back from injury/taking time off/not having any relation to the main event scene in months/filming a movie/retirement/walking my dog/etc. So put me in the main event that’s happening less than a week away. Feud? No I don’t have one but let’s throw something together last minute so the match makes more sense. I’ve earned it!”

    All these shows need now is dramatic music when there’s a plot twist and/or surprising reveal of something and it will be a full fledged soap opera.

  • Hasan

    Yes please put him in a match and announce it.. I don’t want him to make a surprise entrance in the rumble and win it.

  • rabid

    the realisms look at every other decade yes the characters were over the top but you believed just a little slaughter turned on the USA
    (one example) its ok to bleed no you dont have to bleed buckets but you can bleed in a 2012 pg era….

  • BestInTheWorld

    Orton is probably the new favorite to win the Rumble.

  • CC

    I can tell you why kids of 12-17 are stopping watching, cause they dont wanna watch shows that target their age group. They wanna watch stuff thats targeted at adults.

    When you are 12-17, the biggest kick you get is watching things that you need to be 18 or older to watch. Drinking things that you have to be 18 or older. Smoking things that you have to be 18 or older etc etc etc

    When you are at that age, you wanna be treated like an adult, not like a kid.

  • Sean

    12-17 demographic is slipping? Who cares?
    If we get rid of the kiddies in the audience then we can get rid of PG.

  • Greg

    thanks wrestling internet world for letting us know about vince’s three new ferraris, i can sleep a little better tonight