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Otunga Considered for United States Title Run, New Roddy Piper Video Interview, More

– Below is part 1 of Arda Ocal’s new interview with WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper. Piper talks about his recent Piper’s Pit segment with Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee plus more:

– Fans in attendance at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in London, England report that WWE crew members were trying to get fans to stop chanting “YES!”

– As recent as last week, WWE officials were reportedly considering David Otunga for a run with the United States Title. The plan was to take the belt off Santino Marella after WrestleMania 28 and some within the company are surprised that he hasn’t lost it yet.

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  • moo

    jeez is WWE Nazi Germany or something?, what the hell is wrong with yes?

  • JayHawk

    I remember when titles like the us inttercontinital and even in wcw the Tv tile were big championships to hold and meant something wish it was like that now. Bret hart vs the British bulldog for the ic title was the main event for a ppv back on the day and Bret vs Mrs perfect for the same belt was great and the ic title holder got w shot a the world championship and now they are a joke and rarely defended. Putting the title on otunga would be a joke and tell they don’t care about what those titles really mean.

  • chronoxiong

    If David Otunga gets the US Title, he will be one of the worst US Champions of all-time. I guarantee it.

  • ant

    the last black man to ever hold a world title was mark henry and now look where hes at,the last black man to ever hold a us title was r truth and now look where hes a black man im tired of it i say give otunga the title for a month or two then have him drop it too zack ryder

  • scooter

    theres no such thing as white people (except sheamus) in wrestling only orange

  • Gorilla

    I wonder when the NO CHANTS will begin… guess when Cena starts winning again

  • Gorilla

    ^^^^^^^^^YES YES YES YES YES^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Zach D

    Ant you retard my comment wasn’t even about otunga!!

  • ant

    @buttercastle…oh yeah cuz the cobra is such an innovative move that no superstat can eveeeeer think of matching “sarcasm”

  • Buttercastle

    So what you’re saying Deva is people should keep putting David Potunga over because he has no skill whatsoever which means everyone he goes against has to tone it down a few notches. This has nothing to do with “keep the black man down” because he seriously horrible. His “finishing move” is just a common move everyone does already. I LOVE that Santino has the belt. He’s entertaining, funny, and has some pretty good moves. Plus who doesn’t love seeing his power walk to the ring?

  • Deva

    Otunga has alot of potential, I like his coffee drinking lawyer gimmick, they acknowledge is intelligence and at the same time show how he can be a wrestler. You see they made he U.S title a joke and has no credibiltity , right now otunga should not win it, he needs to keep winning matches, improve his ability more , cut promos, keep winning so when he does win it , it will have value. He has come along way.. come on he finally changed those white boots! When I watch raw , I look foward to an otunga match.

  • Gorilla

    Considering most wwe titles have lost credibility i don’t think it matters who wears the U.S. I.C or tagbelts fans well chear who ever they want

  • Ant

    i disliked all the comments cuz this isnt about david otungas wrestling ability cuz honestly hes improved a whole lot this is about keeping a black man down in the system that says only a white guy can be us champ..just sayin

  • scooter

    otunga is a great character and a I think he’d make an awesome manager but he is a terrible wrestler

  • The Mecanic

    give the tittle to albert i mean lord ten whatever and have hime fued with the dinasor guy!!!

  • Prince

    At least Santino is entertaining. Otunga is incredibly boring.

  • Prince

    Otunga holding the US Title would be a disgrace. The guy flat out sucks. He can’t wrestle, he can’t cut a promo, he can’t do anything but hold a coffee mug.

  • xXx

    the US title was getting ‘ok’ treatment and at least its being defended on a constant basis. but putting it on someone who cant wrestle and poses funny is just absurd.. keep it with santino or put it on someone who matters. otunga doesnt need it, at least not yet.

  • LSC

    LOL WWE, did Otunga’s Tag Team belt reign go well? No…Make the US Title prestigious for once. Saying that, it’s WWE, I wouldn’t be surprised if they slapped the title on Curt Hawkins in 4 weeks time

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    “The plan was to take the belt off Santino Marella after WrestleMania 28”

    Vince: “Hey Santino, whats that shiny thing around your waist?”
    Santino: “It is the Americas Title”
    Vince: “Well, let Otunga play with it for a few weeks”

  • Zach D

    U can’t stop them from chanting YES! It’s the YES! Revolution!

  • CC

    Just watched the match on RAW this week, and the guy is just awful. He even nearly fucked up the pin when he went to pin him on the wrong side.
    He is a liability in the ring as well.

  • someone other than david please put it on r-truth or somobdy anybody else but david he suck in the ring and he cant talk on the mic he should be fired