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Otunga at Grammys, Alberto Del Rio Not Cleared to Wrestle, Beth-Madusa

– WWE Superstar David Otunga was backstage at the Grammys last night with his fiancee Jennifer Hudson.

– WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix continues to taunt Madusa and other challengers on Twitter. Beth wrote last night:

“Attitude Era to present day, there is no one that can touch me. And Ill continue to prove it. #divaschampionforever”

Madusa replied:

“@TheBethPhoenix ????? Never under estimate anyone. Color , age or race. Ur ass just has not been beaten by a true champ.”

– Alberto Del Rio’s return match against Sheamus at Saturday’s SmackDown live event in San Francisco was changed to an Arm Wrestling contest because Del Rio reportedly isn’t 100% cleared and able to return to the ring yet. Del Rio is expected to make his return to RAW on tonight’s show.

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  • The Irish Bulldogg

    Why does anyone care if Otunga was at the grammy awards? Maybe he was trying to pick a fight with LL Cool J….idiot he is. I could run circles around David.

  • cheesehandler

    madusa?? who the hells that…oh yeah…that tur-coat bitch thats looking for just one more chance at glory……is that every wrestler from the 90’s new years resolution? start barkin and hope someone hears them…lol

    dilike button is right around here

  • adam

    beth phenoix would win madusa is bigger but i still say beth would win. Del rio and mysterio will prolly be going into some form of rivalry into wrestlmania then they will either go one on one or be in the MITB match

  • Austin

    I even think Madusa at her age now could still stomp Beth’s ass honestly!! Madusa isn’t a small woman either lol

  • Austin

    Being a fan my whole life and growing up seeing the true women’s division in WWE back when it was about wrestling not about which diva was prettier or had the nicest tits! I will say in my opinion Madusa would wipe the mat with Beth’s own ass! I’m sorry but when it comes to the trail blazers in Women’s Wrestling these women today DO NOT come close to holding a candle to the former women champs IE: Moolah,Sensational Sherri,Trish,Lita,Madusa and I will go as far to even say Chyna! I would have loved to see Chyna in her prime face Beth! That “Glamazon” would have made a pretty flying ragdoll!

  • Sly Cooper

    Of course, the divas division has been slacking since Trish and Lita left, so you can’t blame Madusa for stirring the pot.

  • LordWafez

    Yeah, shame on her for trying to make the Divas division interesting.

  • DiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiVaaaaaaaaaaaS

    Madusa stop already.. Nothing is going to happen, WWE is not big on their divas division so stop trying to attract attention. It would be awesome if it did happen though