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Outcome of Edge’s Surgery, Tuesday’s SmackDown Rating

– WWE Super Smackdown on Tuesday, November 6 scored a dismal 1.52 rating on Election Night. This was down four-tenths of a rating from where Smackdown was the past month on Friday nights.

– Former WWE wrestler Edge commented on his surgery that took place earlier today.

“Btw I don’t know how anyone else could ‘report’ it, but surgery went well #guessoneofmyfriendsisastoogelol.”

As noted earlier, Edge stated on Twitter that there is still not a chance he could wrestle again according to doctors.

  • The_electrifying_one

    @ Mark

    You sound a bit like DX mercilessly plugging merchandise in their promo’s 😛
    Only pulling your leg mate. It is a fantastic DVD.

    Also available at all good DVD retail outlets and on WWESHOP.COM!

  • Buttercastle

    I went to see Wreck-It Ralph, can’t pass up cheap Tuesday’s.

  • mtlhitman

    I am from Montreal and even I am not american and i was switching between smackdown and the usa election night!.I was very suprise when they pick the idea of switching from friday to tuesday one of the worst move in 2012.Wwe need The Rock and to bring back Kharma into women division as their champ,John Morrisson into the intercontinental picture,brock lesnard to join punk and p.heyman and ric flair to manage Ziggler what would make it entertaining is having vince mcmahon-hhh-john laurinatis working along side like the mcmahon hemsley regime in the attitude era type of faction setting match up and feuding with some wrestlers as heel.All of this mixed up with the current pg era product could draw bigger rating and be way more entertaining.Loterie Draft needed (John Cena to smackdown lol)

  • cc

    Swapping Smackdown from Friday to Tuesday on election night has to be one of the most ridiculous decisions ever. I am not American, but going on the amount of Americans on my FB friends list, most people were only ever gonna watch the elections.

  • Mark

    Im glad Edge is doing ok. I recently brought his dvd .Its very good d i recommend people buy it

  • Baz

    Edge had an awesome career better then 99.5% will get who become wrestlers, great pro former in and out of the ring

  • lookatme

    everytime i see a post with edge I always picture him saying he is physically able to wrestle again….

  • Anti-Orton

    I am happy for edge he might not be able to wrestle again but he is doing well and that makes me really glad