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Why Owen & Andre Won’t Be In WWE ’12, Recent WWE Attendance, More

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures

* RAW on August 26th in Jackson, MS was a sell out with 9,200 fans for $300,000.
* RAW on August 27th in Memphis, TN drew 7,500 fans for $210,000.
* SmackDown on August 27th in Cape Girardeau, MO drew 2,300 fans for $65,000.
* RAW on August 28th in North Little Rock, AK drew 5,400 fans for $163,000.
* SmackDown on August 28th in Springfield, MO drew 2,500 fans for $64,000.

– The August 8th WWE RAW had 363,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay, meaning 10.5% of the total viewers didn’t watch RAW that week live.

– It has been confirmed that Owen Hart and Andre the Giant won’t be as playable characters in the new WWE ’12 video game because of legal issues between WWE and the estates of the two late legends.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • RUSTanator

    and legends of wrestlemania

  • venom

    Whats Andre’s legal problem? He was just in WWE Allstars.

  • venom

    Martha Hart and Diane Simth are two bitter woman that need to go away. Martha is trying to make all of the fans forget about her husband which I think is wrong to the fans. Even Bret Hart has a problem with her over this.

  • Bill

    Jeez, I’d love to see Owen Hart in a WWE game, or at least mentioned more on TV. I respect Martha for her bitterness towards Vince, but she needs to let it go. I have the utmost respect for Owen Hart, & I think he’s one of the best ever, but what happened happened & there’s nothing we can do to change it. I sincerely feel terrible for the Hart family loss, but it’s time to move on. We don’t have to reference that accident, & quite frankly, we shouldn’t. Let’s remember Owen for what he was when he was entertaining us all, not for a stupid stunt the Blue Blazer did. Thanks, Owen. Thanks for everything.

  • Daniel

    i though wwe owned the characters of their wrestlers?

  • JIR

    Ditto @Jimbo Jones the games are a nice plug for the little kids to see them but really Owen Hart deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and his fans should get a chance to see that while his wife is still pissed off because of his untimely death its not like Vince McMahon literally killed him like she probably thinks

  • jimbo jones

    i really dont care as much as far as him being in the game goes…it would be cool and all but i see akward’s point on that. I would just like to see the man inducted in the hall of fame and possibly have a dvd made out of his career.

  • akward

    How dumb is it people are upset at this woman for not allowing owen in the game, Seriously? Its just a game that will be replaced in less than a year, she does not want the company she and alot of others feel killed him to profit off his image. Plus has anyone thought what it might be like for her or her family to see a digital owen bloodied beat up and prone in a wrestling ring like when he passed easily a cause of traumatic stress but that does not matter i guess long as a few guys get to put a fake title on him i guess.

  • mabry

    why em i on a blacklist now…. what have i said???…..

    BTW, i miss Owen big time, and you guys should stop fighting about this. WWE should be able to put em on a game, would be cool to put the world title on him.

  • jimbo jones

    the thing that gets me with the owen hart situation is that after he died, his wife started “the owen hart foundation” but then says she does not want his name associated with the wwe. The mans family has a rich history not only in professional wrestling but even more so the WWE. The fans and bret obviously want to see wwe do something for him like a video game or the hall of fame. Martha is the only person trying to block his image. Obviously he loved working in the wwe and in front of the fans because he had a great chance to join bret in wcw. but my point about martha is why block his image and dis-associate him from what he is well known for and then start a charity in the man’s name. in 30 years the only people who will know who he is are the fans that actually watched that era and seen his matches. Ill talk to people who have just started watching wwe in the last 5 years because “John Cena is cool” and ill say something about owen hart and the first thing that they say about him is “isnt he that wrestler that died?” To me, that comment is BS. martha should let them have something to do with owen in the wwe, otherwise his legacy will probably die. Its a real shame and tragedy of what happened to owen, but martha should get off of her high horse and let wwe do something with or for owen hart. Its her decision and we have no other alternative but to respect it, but its a shame!

  • Matt

    surely they could take a stab at her and put him in as the Blue Blazer, they should ‘own’ that character.

  • At nearly all of you.

    Martha Hart’s a dumbass bitch who needs to STFU and go away.

  • Joel

    @ King

    How is anyone supposed to know it’s you?

  • King

    they own the footage chris…id simply be willing to exchange emails address’s with u & show u pictures i have with them

  • Chris

    @ King, and how exactly do you plan on proving that you are buddies with the Harts?

    And your right, she doesn’t own Owen or the name Hart, but neither does the WWE own his likeness to use in any game they see fit.

  • King

    id be more than happy to prove it to u not like some ppl that may come on here i dont lie…im willing to show u actually proof that i know this family outside WWE Events

  • King

    @Chris…what im saying is shes denying his fans & thats bulllshit & wrong…this is nothing but selfishness & greedy with her now ok…owen wouldnt want her to do this to his loyal fans…im one of the biggest hart fans around & i did get to know them personally for the last Harry smith,Natalya,Tyson,Bret,Smith,Bruce,Ross,Wayne,Dianna,brets kids so i happen know alot about what happen & i know what im talking about..this has turned into greed & selfishness on martha’s part…she DONT OWN OWEN OR THE HART NAME…shes purely milking off the Hart Name & thats bullshit…i didnt say she didnt love owen..but come on already…it was a damn Accident…

  • STFU King, you fat ass Dorito stuffing, mark. Go fucking jerkoff to Owen highlights on youtube some more, if you feel your loser nerd ass isn’t getting enough of him, in your stupid shitty video games, that will be replace in a years time, by another shitty WWE video game.

  • Chris

    @ King, yeah, she only married him and actually knew him…how dare she deprive us fans who saw him on TV. Who is she to still be bitter at the company that thought it was a good idea to have some repel off an arena ceiling who wasn’t a trained stunt person.

  • Sean Mooney

    I wonder what the legal issues are regarding Andre..?

  • King

    thanks again martha u bitter Bitch…once again u DENY OWENS LOYAL FANS!!! i swear to god this bitch really thinks she owns owen hart & his great name…its been 12 yrs enough is enough already martha