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Owner of NXT Wrestling Speaks on WWE Using the Name

– Shortly after WWE announced ECW is being shutting down to make way for the “NXT” generation of programming, a light was shined on an existing NXT – NXT Wrestling, an independent promotion based out of Scotland. NXT Wrestling sent out the following today:

NXT Wrestling. Established 2006.

A Renfrewshire-based company in Scotland has come under threat from US media giants after a global enterprise decided to use their name and tagline.

Global media giants World Wrestling Entertainment have recently announced their plans to launch WWE:NXT, the NXT Generation of wrestling. This has since been a cause for concern for Scottish promotion NXT Wrestling, a local company who risk getting squashed in favour of the multi-million dollar WWE headed by Vince McMahon.

NXT Wrestling was announced in 2006 and launched in 2007 as a way of giving young men with dreams their chance to break free from their lives and live for a few moments in the spotlight. NXT and it’s associated promotion the Scottish Wrestling Alliance have strived to bring quality family entertainment to towns and halls across the West of Scotland, culminating in the struggle to bring an ailing genre into the spotlight with events in Kelvin Hall, and has helped raise funds for charities including Torkhill Childrens Foundation.

When WWE announced their new brand as NXT, using the same tagline ‘NXT Generation’ and emphasis on developmental talent, staff and employee’s began to worry when they woke up to the new on Wednesday morning.

“We have had no direct contact from WWE regarding this matter but we welcome any conversation or resolution they would like to put forward.” Commented Peter Murphy, owner of the Scottish Wrestling Alliance.

“Everyone at the Scottish Wrestling Alliance is honoured that WWE have decided to name their latest product after SWA’s feeder programme, NXT. We would like to assure our fans that the original NXT is still leading the way for trainees in Scotland and the shows on 6th February, Spittal Community Centre, Rutherglen, 19th February, Bargarran Community Centre, Erskine, March 6th, Viewpark Community Centre, Uddingston and March 19th, Links Community Centre, Cumbernauld are all still due to go ahead as advertised.”

After long and careful planning, SWA:NXT made it’s debut in January 2007 as a promotion designed to showcase up and coming talent within Scotland in conjunction with SWA’s Area 52 wrestling school. In 2009 NXT Wrestling split from the Scottish Wrestling Alliance to stand on it’s own two feet, taking it’s own creative direction in September last year.

The goal within the company is to give younger talent an opportunity to showcase their abilities and get noticed. Several of our NXT talents over the years have gone on to work across the UK, gain international interest and win NWA Heavyweight championships. NXT promoted shows across the West of Scotland with our next event scheduled this weekend, February 6th in Rutherglen which features some fresh young talent who have risen through the ranks of their training facility and earned their place on the event.

Peter Murphy
Scottish Wrestling Alliance & NXT Wrestling

  • scooter

    wwever they’ve been around longer than wwes nxt

  • MrEvil

    Who cares? WWE sucks anyway.

  • david

    u guys r retarded ecw was always not good thers 3 lvls wwe wcw n ecw wwe is like oprah ecw was like wendy williams show n wcw was like tyra show if tere not alive now they suked
    wwe rules so does orton

  • Drake Felix

    Why not call the new WWE programming, WGX Wrestling Generation X. The future of professional wrestling.


    I think it’s clearly a case of a Scottish promotion trying to bandwagon off WWE a d that they chose that name to try and confuse people into watch their product when they want to NXT by WWE, much like Transmorphers tried to confuse Transformers fans.

    It’s always the way, the WorldWildlife Fund screwed Vince and now these Scottish people call their show NXT to leach off WWE’s fanbase and rip off WWE’s new show. Pathetic!

  • Scooter

    hey NXT want to make money from wwe I really don’t blame them I’d do the same

  • dannomack

    haha it doesn’t matter that the WWE copyrighted the name NXT in 2010 when this Scottish NXT has been operating since 2007. A first year law student could beat the WWE if they decide to try and sue the SWA. Anyone with a basic grasp of how law works (or an IQ above 7) can’t possibly think that just because someone copyrights something, that means that people who have been using that term for YEARS prior to the copryrighting have to change it.


    I think it’s clearly a case of this Scottish promotion trying to bandwagon off of WWE and that they are trying to confuse people into watching them who want to watch WWE, much like Transmorphers trying to confuse Transformers fans.

    It’s always the way, the World Wildlife Fund screwed Vince and now these Scottish people call their company NXT to leach off WWE’s fanbase and rip off WWE’s new show. Pathetic.

  • David

    No one knew this promotion existed so who cares, its not gonna affect anyone.

  • stockshark28

    You know if the revesre had happend and they used the name after WWE has already been using it WWE or should I say Vince would have a lawsuit going quicker than you could say NXT. So I say go NXT orginal and sue the hell out of WWE and Vince!!!

  • Kenn

    @ Dillberg, just because the name is taken won’t stop Vince!

  • baddog_1_2k

    sounds like somethin mcmahon would so. what a jerkov

  • Maddog

    Remember what happened when HRH Prince Phillip decided that ‘WWF’ belonged to the World Wildlife Fund !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew

    They just need to get hold of Phil the greek (Prince Philip) to help them win the battle, as he’s already beaten Vince with the World Wildlife Fund.

    Also not sure if it’s a typo here or in the original release but i’m sure it should be Yorkhill Children’s Foundation not Torkhill.

  • Daniel Interlandi

    This might be a similar situation that occurred with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). If I remember right these guys were around first by Vince could still use the initials domestically but not internationally (i think). That’s why Wildlife sued Vince due to him using the initials and logo when and where he was not suppose to. Or so the story goes. By the way Vince lost that one hence we got the F out

  • $

    Call it WWE:Pointless

  • Dustin

    They should get rid of the roster split and just have RAW, Smackdown, and some sort of Heat and Velocity.

    Anyone up for Shotgun Saturday Night?! lol

  • Hbk Fan

    they should really just call it noones gonna watch this show wrestling

  • Nobody

    Vince wants wrestling as many nights a week as he can get….that’s a good decision seeing as how they want their own wrestling channel. I have no problem with WWE 4 nights a week (or even 5) provided they make it available at reasonable times in Canada too. I’d actually like to see 5 nights of original WWE programming

  • brody

    Actually, I wouldn’t doubt a planeload of money is heading or has already left for Scotland, along with some lawyers, and we get another press release in a week or two talking about a new ‘merger’…

  • DK Monster

    this Scot dude has no idea what he’s getting himself into.
    This is the WWE we’re talking about. They don’t stand a
    chance to maintain their indi brand.

  • Matt

    I think someone in WWE saw it on tour or something and then just regurgitated it at a meeting and everyone went with it.

  • Larry

    Actually, Hbk Fan, that’s what they should have done in the first place. Not to kill off any legacy, but WCW was more of a basic wrestling organization, whereas ECW had a real theme and personality. It was never meant to be mainstream, commercialized or… dare I say…. PG-13. Ouch. I really hope this Scottish promotion can put up a fight and force WWE to change the “NXT” name. It’s just lame, they could do a LOT better.

  • Hbk Fan

    they should have just called it wcw and killed that legacy off too

  • Henry MacBeth

    Just bring up FCW to Tuesday nights and stop messing around with the real NXT. The original NXT sounds likea great opportunity for young laddies in the UK who are considering to become professional wrestlers. I guess Vince McMahon doesn’t cares as he runs a monopoly in the professional wrestling field.

  • Nobody

    A) Because that’s a gay name, Jeff
    B) I also love how they claim WWE named their show NXT after them. I bet Vince didn’t even know they existed and if he did, he has full intentions of suing them for copyright infringement
    oh…and did I mention your suggestion for a name sucks, Jeff? Good thing you aren’t working on the creative team for WWE

  • Jeff

    who really cares…why not jus name it wwe American stars