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Paige officially announces her retirement

With tears in her eyes, the Anti-Diva chose the Raw after WrestleMania to announce her retirement from in-ring competition. The former Divas Champion took to the ring after Mandy Rose defeated Sasha Banks in a one on one match to thank the crowd and the women’s roster.

Paige also thanked Daniel Bryan for giving her hope at a return one day, and Edge for giving her hope at a career outside of the WWE.

Paige said that she debuted on Monday Night Raw to win the Divas Championship in New Orleans, and would like to retire there as well.

“This is your house” chants fell upon her, who again thanked the fans before leaving.


  • Just one guy

    Self respecting individuals don’t have have secondary careers as the community bicycle. As for lowlifes hacking people, while I don’t condone it, she is well aware of the world in which we sadly live and should live accordingly. In other words, if you don’t want anybody to see your goodies, don’t put them on film.

  • CC

    I dunno if it is because it took so long to actually announce it, but she did not seem to have the same emotion as Edge and Daniel Bryan when they gave their retirement speeches, and in fact when she started crying it kinda looked fake. Almost like its a huge set up.
    It probably is real, but at the same time I am not gonna get suckered in if it is all a work.

  • CC

    Why does sending tapes and pics make her a lesser person? What consenting adults do is up to them, and don’t expect some lowlife to hack their accounts and steal personal property.

    I am not saying I did not enjoy what came out, but I sure as hell am not going to say she needs to be a better person just because she does things differently to you. Stop being such a prude, dude.

  • CKY2K

    I agree with you except for the whole stops making tapes part. I definitely see a new career for Paige in titus worldwide making more hotel room tapes !

  • MindTricked


  • Just one guy

    I hope Paige turns her life around and stops making tapes and sending pics. It’s never too late to be a better person. I hope her neck heals up and she is able to return some day.