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Paige’s mother threatens legal action regarding leaked photos & videos

As we previously reported, former WWE Diva’s Champion Paige was a victim of a cyber attack last week after having personal photos and videos leaked out onto the internet. Multiple videos and pictures of Paige engaging in sexual acts with various men, including a video in which she is shown with fellow WWE Superstar Xavier Woods and former RAW General Manager Brad Maddox, are now going viral on the internet.

Paige’s mother, Saraya Knight, took to Twitter yesterday (Sun. March 19, 2017) to tease possible legal action against her daughter’s hacker. The Tweet has since been deleted but the quote can be found below:

“IP addresses taken ?
Emailed lawyer?”


  • Killswitch

    “Tink in the armor?”

  • M

    Chinks? I think a more proper word would’ve been tinks. Misread it the first time just wanted to point that out incase anybody else did as well.

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  • s.w.eardnse

    100% agree with these comments

  • D2K

    This whole situation is intolerably stupid. Why would you have stuff like this PERIOD when you are engaged to a man, let alone have it stored in the LEAST secure places possible? If it wasn’t for how shady ADR has been himself, I’d almost feel sorry for him, but these two characters obviously deserve each other and I’m sure he could care less about any of this. Especially since it could lead to Paige’s dismissal which is what they both want in the first place.

    I guess at some point it became illegal to actually use your brain for something other than keeping rain out of your neck and use common sense and it became required-law to do whatever you feel like it, ignore all possible consequences, and then play the victim later when the consequences fully-maturate. Again, not trying to be judgmental but c’mon. You cannot be that obtuse in today’s world.

    If you are on TV, you are a TARGET. Your personal life should be personal, but the reality is that it NOT. People are always gonna be looking for chinks in the armor to attack.

    You can sue people all you want, the horse is already out of the barn. Threatening legal action, trying to get the FBI involved and what not isn’t going to change anything. The hackers didn’t make her have sexual relations with Xavier Woods. The hackers didn’t make her have Brad Maddox (or whoever it was) film it. The hackers didn’t make her put the footage in insecure locations, and the hackers didn’t urge Paige to keep the footage despite being engaged to ADR.

    She made all those decisions BY HERSELF and she has no one to blame BUT herself. Once you pull the trigger, those bullets can’t come back. She needs to stand up, be a woman, and take responsibility for her actions. The damage has been done. Just ask Hulk Hogan.

  • Will Henderson

    when it comes to a nude photo scandal where a hacker or a group of hackers were the ones who leaked the photos (after they stole it), Paige’s family should not only lawyer up, but also contact the FBI, and their foreign counterparts to start a investigation to find and arrest those who did this and also figure out if the Russian hackers who had done recent famous hackings like the Yahoo hack, the DNC hack and the hijacking of MSNBC and C-SPAN’s feed and replaced it with Russian news (and propaganda) channel RT. don’t be surprise if Russian hackers with ties to Vladimir Putin had ties to this hacking scandal as well as the fappening in 2014 in which some people went to jail for it.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That’s the same thing I was thinking.

  • wshero

    Apparently it was paige that got hacked. she had all the pictures and videos on a cloud online storage somewhere. apparently there are more videos coming of her ! If she is engaged to ADR then she should have deleted them long before now.

  • MF TOM

    lol she is probably just as bad as her daughter. she mad because she wants some of Xavier Woods
    black snake up in her !

  • JAckh45

    Wasn’t it Maddox that got hacked ?