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Paul Bearer Blogs on His Recent WWE RAW Supershow Appearance

– In a new blog on his official website, Paul Bearer revealed that he still has over 4 years left on his WWE Legends contract. Bearer wrote the following about his appearance on RAW this past Monday:

“No matter if the Paul Bearer character has been buried in cement, pushed off a balcony, or locked in a freezer; the “Father Of Destruction” is very much alive. WWE doesn’t kill anybody on their television shows, even though it might appear that way, as a cement burial, fall from a balcony, or spending time in a freezer may very well indeed put an end to a real life. Storylinewise, The Paul Bearer character is being treated for hypothermia following this week’s freezer incident.

My appearance this past week on RAW was a last minute creative idea of the company. I had been in Las Vegas most of last week with The Annual Cauliflower Alley Reunion, and didn’t receive the request for my ONE TIME return to RAW until Saturday morning. Of course I jumped at the chance, no matter what the plans were. It was a win-win situation for me. Will you ever see Paul Bearer on WWE programming again? Never say never… but, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. My ship has virtually sailed.

I have absolutely no intention of returning to The WWE, or any wrestling company for that matter, in any type of full time position. I will continue to work with independent promotions, wrestling conventions, reunions, etc., as I have been doing during the past few years.”

  • Jason L

    @ Shauny

    They never said he died in that story line but rather he was, ironically stated, gravely injured.

  • chronoxiong

    Got to love WWE’s plot holes.

  • Didnt he die at the great american bash when undertaker buried him alive with cement??????

    Tipical WWE forgetting there own storylines!!

    Well the DEAD MAN Undertaker can come back from the dead i geuss his dad can to!

    Kane V orton really stale and boring….

  • cenaWWE

    lol i remember that referee Tim White was injured in a hell in the cell match and tried committing suicide, even hiring a “hitman” (fail) lol

  • Little Jimmy

    Paul Bearer star in a revival of “Lunchtime Suicide’s” with Josh Matthews. “Thats not wise Mr Bearer”

  • FrankenstienerRecliner

    Paul Bearer is the greatest manager of the greatest wrestler of all time. He is more of a draw than jimmy hart, sensational sherrie, and Bobby the brain combined. He was the last of the greats. No manager mattered in the attitude era except paul bearer. Gorilla you are so wrong, good sir.

  • Gorilla

    Another expense wwe don’t need

  • SYM

    I just wanna hear Bearer say “OHHHHHHH YES!” or “UNDERTAKER HELP ME!!!”