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Paul Bearer’s Sons Comment on Last Night’s RAW Closing Segment

– Michael Moody, son of the late Paul Bearer, commented on Facebook about the closing segment from Monday’s RAW which saw CM Punk pouring ashes all over The Undertaker.

He wrote:

“If anyone is wondering, yes WWE did come to us wanting approval for tonight’s storyline. The way it was presented to us was ok. Seeing it on screen was a different story. I don’t even know what to say.”

Michael’s brother Daniel also commented saying:

“Totally different.”

  • d_pooch

    Bill Moody is a person, but Paul Bearer was a character. It is a somewhat reality-based storyline in a theatrical environment with characters and props.

    Jeff Jarrett once said, the best story lines are reality-based storylines, and he was right.

  • Dustin Schwartz

    Wrestling is tricky because it’s live theatre, as opposed to something being taped. In wrestling, the characters are the actors and vice versa. With that said, it’s realer than any other television fiction, so people may have reservations and gripes thinking lines were crossed, as real people are being used. In my opinion, given the time of the death and the intricacy and significance of the circumstances of the storyline with the Undertaker, it is all quite coincidental. The exploitation makes sense here and works toward the advantages of pumping up the angle. But they all love Paul and respect him, making sure they’re not offending him. In the end, it’s all fake.

  • Mike Wells

    As someone who has pretty much lived for wrestling, I’m pretty sure Bill would have wanted his death be used in a storyline. He’s influencing the wrestling world after death. That’s pretty awesome. It’s out of respect that they want to build him into this. They aren’t besmirching his real life character. It’s an on screen persona. It’s entertainment FFS.

    Some people need to stop getting offended for others.

    I love it. I think it’s great. And I don’t think Moody would have wanted it any other way. In fact, I think he’d be annoyed if they just brushed him under the carpet and forgot about him!

    RIP Paul Bearer. Bringing us entertainment from the afterlife!

  • there are *lines* you don’t cross

  • There are you don’t cross. You don’t make a real life tragic death into a fucking wrestling storyline, yet WWE has done this time and time again (Eddie, anyone?)

  • So basically, WWE double crossed them. Dicks

  • Johhny

    Ok i can see to an extent…His sons saying yes or no….But this is not real life any wrestling fan,Knows that was not really his ashes in that urn.RIP Paul Bearer.But cmon wit the “sons” approving these things already…But it kinda makes you wonder if the “sons” may show up at wrestlemania .and help taker…