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Paul Heyman on why CM Punk left WWE

Paul Heyman on CM Punk

While it has been years since CM Punk left WWE, it was one of the most shocking events in the history of professional wrestling so it’s not a surprise that every now and then, people still talk about it.

During this Friday’s Jim Ross – Paul Heyman show, the advocate for Brock Lesnar spoke up about the infamous incident and gave his views on why the situation occurred.

Paul said that Punk has always been an overachiever and he has always been the one to defy the odds. Talking about his departure Heyman said that he got out because he had no passion left:

So there came a time where he didn’t have that passion anymore for WWE and when you get to that point you have two options. You can stay and be miserable or you get out and you chase something else that really entices your passion, so he got out.”

Talking about the former WWE Champion’s UFC career, The Advocate said that he is pursuing something which makes him happy and he hopes that the former WWE Star will find happiness in it:

“Now he’s pursuing something that makes him happy. Whether it makes me happy or you happy or the rest of the world happy, it doesn’t really matter. It makes him happy. At the end of the day it’s a decision that he made on his own behalf and if that’s what he wants then god-bless him, I hope he finds happiness in it.”

  • CC

    I honestly do not think Punk will ever truly be happy in anything. As Heyman says, he is an over achiever, which means that if he does not think he is doing his best, then he will not be happy. When you consider how well he did in WWE and was not happy, that kinda says it all.
    So to go to UFC and fail so badly (and don’t get me wrong, I have much respect for him for trying, and having the balls that most of us internet warriors will never have), must absolutely tear him up inside. And even if he was winning, he would still never be happy.

    I remember reading about Eddie Guerrero and how he would put on these five star matches, and afterwards he would walk behind the scenes and be pissed off that the match was not got enough. A perfectionist will never be truly happy. You find the same thing with musicians as well.

    I seriously hope Punk finds something on a professional scale to finally get that ultimate happiness, but until that time at least he has a hot wife 😉

  • Killswitch

    I can’t honestly see Punk being happy in the UFC. I mean, he’s stated multiple times that he wants to see if he can do it or not, and yes he gave it the “old college try.” But after putting so much work in, I know I wouldn’t be happy given the results.

  • Rajah

    Fair enough. Lesnar did it when he tried to play NFL. Michael Jordan did it when he tried out for Major League Baseball. Nothing wrong with trying to challenge yourself, but I was hoping he would have made at least ONE offensive move in his UFC debut.