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Paul Heyman Not Joining Lesnar in WWE Right Now, News on WWE’s Interest and More

– There has been a lot of speculation on Paul Heyman returning to WWE now that Brock Lesnar has returned for at least a year. Word is that there are no plans for Heyman to come in, he was not part of the negotiations and is not a part of the deal.

Heyman simply isn’t available as he has other things going on.

There are people in WWE who want Heyman to come back as a sort of “talking head” or a TV personality. Heyman is based in the Northeast and could be useful as a public figure for WWE.

WWE has reached out for Heyman to do interviews and things like that but he has turned them down every time because he has other priorities.

It’s possible that we see Heyman return to WWE in the future but don’t bet on it happening anytime soon, based on talk that’s going around.

  • bloodstone

    hey it’s jason the tool of fantasy island

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Paul Heyman should run for U.S. President

  • Greg

    Damn bro you may in fact be the biggest troll on the site. You used to annoy me but I cant help but laugh now nobody pisses ppl off like you do. And for some reason people still think you work for tna. Its amazing the shit ppl will believe.

  • Hofgen


    When did TNA put on a good show? Did you ask all 40 people in the crowd if they thought it was good?

  • stockshark28

    Why in the hell should Heyman go back to the WWE they always treat him like crap?

  • fivo goes west


    Seriously dude. What’s your deal? Are you going for like the mega troll award or something? I don’t get why you live on here. You’re not gonna change anybody’s mind about tna. If anything you just make me hate it more. And what’s with this crap that you work for tna? Do you really still find this funny? And if so then I feel sorry for you cause then you remind me of the type of guy thats gonna end up eating a bullet one day.

  • Jon

    Guys I think Jason sad because TNA didn’t get Brock. Oh well….:-D

  • Jason

    Your name says it all^^^^


    @Jason Did you wake and find your bed sheets wet cause you are having a wet dream. quit acting like you work for TNA nobody cares

  • Jason

    How did WWE squash any of our momentum by producing one good show in over 4 months?

    On the other hand we have produced good to great shows over the past 6 to 8 months. Even wrestlings critics that hated TNA in the past are now giving us credit and saying we have the best wrestling shows on TV at the moment. (WOW and PWI just to name some)

    I guess when WWE produces nothing but shit for so long having just one good show is enough for you kiddie fans.. lol

  • Shawn

    The worst thing to happen to TNA in its history was them not being able to sign Paul Heyman. TNA would be totally different (in a great way) had they handed the reins over to Paul E. Assuming he went to WWE, it would just be rubbing salt in the wound. TNA was gaining some momentum recently, but as usual, WWE has squashed it and then some. Truly amazing. Dixie should be bowing before Vince (oh, wait, she does!).

  • Diesel

    Such a shame, To me Heyman is one of the few guys that KNOWS what the fans want. He might not be the best guy financially, but he damn sure knows how the business works. I really wish they’d kept him on after the abomination that was WWE’s ECW, even if he was just part of the creative team. He’d have been an excellent choice quite frankly.

  • Splash

    Too bad it’d be nice to have Paul E back. Always enjoyed watching his personality on tv.