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Paul Heyman Returns To Raw, Reveals That Brock Lesnar Has Quit WWE

Brock Lesnar was extended an invitation to explain his assault on Triple H on last week’s Raw SuperShow, but was nowhere to be found Monday night. Instead, Brock’s representative, Paul Heyman, came out to the ring to read a statement.

Heyman said Lesnar has been underappreciated by the WWE audience since day one, and that holds true with corporate management. Heyman also said that as the only man to ever win the WWE Championship, the UFC Heavyweight Championship and an NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship, Lesnar felt betrayed because his contract demands were not met.

Heyman said Lesnar asked him to appear on Raw and read the statement. In the written address, Lesnar took shots at Triple H, saying the WWE Chief Operating Officer is jealous of him, and expressed anger at how he has been treated. Heyman concluded his statement by saying Lesnar has quit WWE and “will never be coming back.”

  • eric

    lesnar and heyman are great team. as undertaker and paul bearer. lesnar and paul heyman had good chemistry in lesnar first ring in his rookie year in 2002. heyman is great talker and lesnar is great in ring. jack swagger needs someone like heyman who can talk good promo wise to repersent him. swagger good wrestler but bad talker. is it me or does swagger remind u guys of lesnar look wise?

  • Wellsy

    I love how he was just talking normal, but then when he has to say his name says it BROOOOOOCK LESNAAAR!

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Great to see Heyman, I wish they had gotten him from the beginning.

  • Reverse prince albert

    is it possible to put *spoiler* in the Title?

  • Men on a Mission

    @ ant – that’s the only reason I can see why Laurinaitis would be in a match with Cena. There’s no way it will be a legit, fair match. And we’re supposed to think Brock is in Big Johnny’s back pocket. So I see Brock showing up to finish off Cena, then perhaps HHH running in to continue their feud. They have to draw this out because of Brock’s limited schedule and because of the injury angles.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    I see HHH try to challenge Lesnar when he shows up next week.

  • rko

    Paul Heyman = good.
    love the way he says brock’s name.

  • ant

    @Men On a Mission..why would he do that when hes feuding with triple h

  • Men on a Mission

    I have to assume this is a storyline and that Brock will show up at Over The Limit during Cena’s match.

  • nick

    Push Tyson Kidd #GetHIMonRAW

  • Bill

    Heyman! Heyman! Heyman!

  • Jaime5150

    Paul Heyman- My client and the next big thing Brock Lesnar

  • adam

    I have wanted Heyman back for awhile this makse stuff that much more entertaining now that he is there again. I am hoping they actually make him A GM again if he is actually here for good

  • Prince

    Love that Heyman is back! He’s a good talker, so he should be able to pick up Lesnar in that role again. Will probably show up a lot on his behalf, because of his limited contract.