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Paul Heyman Won’t Speak on Extreme Reunion, Comments on CM Punk’s WWE DVD

– Paul Heyman wrote the following on Twitter about the disastrous Extreme Reunion event in Philadelphia this past weekend, promoted by Shane Douglas:

“I’ve had a ton of people ask me about #ExtremeReunion… and I haven’t said a word about it. Not a word in advance. And certainly nothing to say about it now. I didn’t comment on TNA’s Hardcore Justice in advance, nor after the show, either. Nothing to say about that, either. I chose not to participate in either show, or any other attempt to re-live #ECW, so I don’t feel it would be right 4 me to comment on it.”

“If you’re involved, speak your mind. If you take a pass on something, STFU. Just another voice bitching with the rest. #NotMyStyle I haven’t done any conventions. No shoot tapes. No paid autograph signings. Nothing wrong with ’em. Just #NotMyStyle So … I have kept my mouth shut about #ExtremeReunion. I wasn’t there, so who am I to say anything?”

Heyman also commented on doing work for CM Punk’s upcoming DVD set from WWE:

“I was interviewed for the Austin DVD. I’m honored 2b interviewed for the @CMpunk DVD as well”

  • Wolfie

    Comments like this prove just how smart Heyman is. I just wish he would either start another promotion or come back and be someone’s mouth piece in the WWE. I could see him managing someone like Ryback since that dude can’t talk to save his life. Actually after his promo last week Brock probably needs Paul more than anyone.

  • pulgeezy

    Ha haha yup so damn true ^

  • Punk Fan 01-Present

    Paul Heyman refuses to comment on Extreme Reunion. . . .Would You???

  • Jason L

    Wow BlaH has more inside scoop than Jason lol.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Fire Big Johnny sign Paul Heyman for GM of Raw Johnny could go to smackdown

  • Little Jimmy

    Heyman would turn TNA’s fortunes round, FACT. All TNA needs to do is get rid of the three stooges and replace them with Heyman and some of his guys.

  • BlaH is reporting Hulk Hogan’s big idea for TNA he’s been teasing is for fans to film TNA wrestlers anytime they would see them in public. TNA would encourage the filming, ask fans to send the footage in to TNA to possibly be used on television.

    According to reports, much of the TNA locker room isn’t in favor of this idea of being in character 24/7 and fans having incentive to film them outside of the arena. Many in the locker room also feel Hogan is the last person who should be suggesting this idea given his recent news and past with videos online surfacing.

    Reportedly the announcement was going to be done via a promo but it didn’t happen yet. No word on if the idea is being held off to a later time, if the details of the idea are being perfected or if it is being canceled.’s Jason Powell reports most wrestlers in TNA are hoping for the idea to be scratched.


  • Machado

    Hmm. I think it’s just you. Although I would love to see that happen.

  • Jon

    It could just be me but it sound like Heyman is coming back with the WWE.