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Paul Heyman speculated to return with a stable

Paul Heyman has stood by Brock Lesnar through thick and thin over the years, but with the Beast Incarnate’s future with the company hazed at the moment, the advocate left with nothing on Monday nights on the red brand.

That may not last long as according to Joe Peisich, the longtime sidekick may be back with a stable of his own with dominant individuals. Peisich revealed in a talk with Barnburner Fired Up podcast that Kevin Owens and Ronda Rousey may be part of the group. He said:

“Paul Heyman/Kevin Owens. There is still some talk going around when Paul Heyman does return he’ll have a stable. Maybe Ronda Rousey, maybe Kevin Owens, maybe some other guys. But there’s still some talk within the WWE of having Paul Heyman run a stable.”

  • Big Mike

    I am inclined to agree with you again although I don’t hate Roman Reigns I think he’s a good wrestler but he is lacking that it thing.hes in desperate need of a image change whether he needs to be a heel or whatever maybe. In my opinion a heel run would be the best thing for Roman Reigns of good solid heel run as far as the shield goes I could take them or leave them. If reigns keeps getting push in the dumb confusing way I’d rather see Ric Flair come out of retirement have another run with the title LOL lol .

  • livo ramirez

    Big mike,I do get ur point but I’m not a Roman reings fan either nor the shield it just sucks the Roman reings is being pushed to the moon but in my opinion he doesn’t have charisma or class or style if you will to wrestle just like cena or the other idiots being pushed but then it’s just my point of view if you know what I mean been watching Njpw and some lucha underground but I do have to tell you Njpw is getting way better than wwe it sucks not been able to watch a match with out interference front others

  • Big Mike

    Thank you sir nice to see someone else knows what a good product is .don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Brock at all but to let a part time guy hold the title for 500 plus days and hardly defended it .it stinks .

  • livo ramirez

    I agree with you big mike he sucked as a champion

  • Luke

    this is a dirtsheet site. What were you expecting?

  • Big Mike

    Man u sounds like a 6 year old please bring back Brock wah wah .dude get a clue Brock was champ for a year and a half and u saw him 6, time and he defended the title what three times boy you sound like a hopeless little kid cheering for Brock. Brock’s lame he’s old news I lost about 40 pounds of muscle it looks tiny now that he’s not all Juiced up

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I like the 3 so far think they going to bring changes in the WWE. I am not sure Braun Strowman walk out of Hell In The Cell champion just yet. But I believe he will win the title at WM 35.

  • Lawrence Harper

    This would work just add K.O for the ic title and let them run with all the titles for about 6 months or so

  • John Clemmons

    please bring back brock Lesnar now he deserves to be the best champion ever please Paul Heyman bring back brock Lesnar now i am and always will be a brock Lesnar fan not a loser roman reigns fan the Roman empire will take a huge fall again please get brock Lesnar back now he is way better than roman reigns any old day of the year please Paul Heyman bring back brock Lesnar now!!!!!

  • CC

    So once again, no news just speculation.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    He is probably the guy behind Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew.