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Paul Heyman Talks Shane Douglas, Eden Takes Us to WWE Catering, Cena & Wiz, Shockmaster

– WWE Diva Eden’s latest video blog takes a look at WWE catering:

– WWE’s website has an article looking back at The Shockmaster.

– John Cena congratulated noted WWE fan & rapper Wiz Khalifa on his new album, managing to slip in a $9.99 WWE Network plug:

“Congrats to @wizkhalifa who’s album Blacc Hollywood debuted at #1 his first celebratory purchase will be the @WWENetwork for just … 9.99”

– WWE’s website also spoke to Paul Heyman about Shane Douglas and the birth of the original ECW. Heyman talked about why he chose Douglas to launch ECW instead of another star:

“Shane Douglas’s work in the first 11 months as The Franchise of ECW was so groundbreaking. He made people forget about his on-air persona in WCW and successfully reinvented himself as The Franchise in ECW. He became a homegrown talent in the same way The Public Enemy, Tommy Dreamer and Joey Styles were recognized as homegrown talent. Though the term ECW Original wasn’t in vogue during August 1994, he was certainly accepted by that audience with the branding stamp of ECW across his persona.”

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  • Chris E.

    I never watched the original ECW until years after it aired. Shane was an entirely different individual than he was anywhere else. He was ECW gold. 2-Cold Scorpio was another wrestler that was on a different level while in ECW.