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Paul Heyman on Why He Thinks Vince McMahon Keeps Him Around

In the latest issue of the WWE Magazine, Paul Heyman talked about why he believes Vince McMahon has kept him around despite their tumultuous relationship.

“I would suggest that Mr. McMahon is, at the core, a businessman, through and through,” Heyman said. “And my assessment of his feelings toward me is simply this: That The Chairman holds me in less contempt than he does others who can’t generate the kind of revenue that Paul Heyman can deliver.”

Heyman was the manager in two of three WrestleMania 29 Main Events. Heyman said he never envisioned this occurring one year ago.

“If you had asked Mr. McMahon a year ago if Paul Heyman would be associated with WrestleMania 29, he wouldn’t have said, ‘I don’t even want him watching WrestleMania. If he buys the pay-per-view, send him his money back and block his cable!’ Heyman said. “Brock Lesnar was never supposed to come back. And no one wanted C.M. Punk from the moment he arrived here.”

  • Dave

    The answer to this one comes from Lyndon B Johnson.
    “It’s better to have someone inside the tent p1551ng out. Than outside the tent p1551ng in.”

  • Mike Wells

    I wonder how Heyman’s other Paul Heyman guy, Heidenreich, is doing?…

  • Alan Morton

    I love me some Heyman…great heel..great talker

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I never been a huge fan of Paul to be honest think he is way overrated. Yes ECW was good not that great it went of the business for a reason. But Paul have brought back something that has been missing in the WWE for many many years that is the manager and to me that where Paul Heyman was always good at nothing else. He is a great mouth piece for those who really can’t talk on the mic like Brock Lasner and Curis Axel. CM Punk needs no help when it comes to speaking on the mic. I do feel Punk going to turn face once he return. Back to Paul he always was overrated in my book and will always be that way in my eyes. He is a better manager but that was the only thing he was really good at to me nothing else.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Well to be perfectly honest, Vince would’ve been an absolute idiot if he hadn’t hired Heyman. Yeah he might not be the person to go to financially or come from a billionare family like Vince, BUT unlike Vince McMahon he knows what we (the fans) want to see. Not to mention he can spot legit talent right from the start that doesn’t involve the “bodybuilder look” a la 90% of the WWE roster through the years that Vince loves