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Paul Heyman Turns At Money In The Bank, Two Superstars Win MITB Briefcases

– Damien Sandow won the Money in the Bank briefcase for a future World Heavyweight Title shot at tonight’s pay-per-view. He won after turning on partner Cody Rhodes, who was close to winning. It appears Cody will be turning babyface after the response he received from fans during the match tonight.

– Randy Orton won the Money in the Bank briefcase for a shot at the WWE Title. Orton’s win came after Paul Heyman turned on CM Punk, hitting him with a ladder several times as Punk was trying to climb for the briefcase.

  • terrible dream

    rvd winning would’ve made for an interesting dynamic
    cm punk winning could’ve been a added selling point to his feud
    bryan winning would’ve been amazing and it would’ve fit his whole “weak” link story line
    christian winning would’ve be one amazing comeback story

  • Sam Peters

    – RVD was never gunna win the MITB, he was there mainly for the high spots like his Frog Splash and the RKO right at the end
    – CM Punk is involved in a storyline with Lesnar
    – Bryan looks like he will have something to do with Curtis Axel which seems weird or they could have him go after Cena anyway
    – Christian was never going to win it either

  • Centurypromotion

    Bla bla bla complain after complaining here too many haters if you ain’t done for watching wrestling just fucking quit it ! Find a job ! Find a girl ! Find justing beiber album to listen since both are the same beiber or your opinion pure crap !!! (If a fan give is opinion 1 or 2 a year its cool) but always same stuff on internet trash talker no respect no support this ain’t golden era or attitude era time as changed plus Randy is there for a long time i dont get it all those early push Sandow is amazing but the truth like most of them none pay there dues anymore but that’s’the new era and still will find a way to appreciated it not act like i was better then those wwe tna writers or wrestlers (there a reason why we watch them and they perform) Enjoy wwe Monday Night Raw wrestling fans im out of here!.

  • terrible dream

    so you have rvd,cm punk, Daniel bryan and christian but randy gets the case ok