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Former WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion Paul London pulled no punches in a lengthy interview published in the latest issue of Power Slam as he candidly discussed his five-year run with World Wrestling Entertainment, the wide array of characters he came into contact there, and much more.

During the interview, London discussed his real-life friction with former WWE colleague Matt Hardy and indicated that it is due to jealousy on Hardy’s part. He also explained why he pulled the YouTube video spoofing Hardy’s internet campaign to obtain a contract release from WWE.

I must ask you about Matt Hardy, whose name I mentioned earlier. You and Hardy have taken pot shots at each other for years. You clearly despise each other. Why?

[It's all down to] jealousy. He realized that he didn’t have the goods, that women just didn’t like him, and that I was a sincere person who had charm, who attracted females, and he became jealous.

He’s just not a very good human being. He’s a phony. Anybody who adorns their home with nothing but pictures of themselves — that pretty much explains it, right there. He just couldn’t be a man about anything. He doesn’t know what it is to be a man. If he’s not at the forefront of something, he’s going to try to make himself the forefront.

Regarding Hardy: in September you posted a video of yourself online in which you spoofed Hardy’s internet video campaign to obtain a contract release from WWE. In your video, you poked fun at Hardy’s weight and made other serious accusations about him. Within days, you had removed the video. Was that because you regretted some of the things you’d said about him?

Erm, it wasn’t that I regretted it. Believe me, there were times that I wished I could have done a lot more. There were several occasions when I challenged him to a fight, and he backed out because he’s a coward. I was like, “I’m sick of this back and forth crap; let’s go outside right now.”

And he was, like: “Whoah! Whoah! I don’t have a problem with you!” I’ve never seen anyone with so many tails between their legs.

So the regret that I have in making that stupid video was… I was in a pretty dark place emotionally at the time. I wasn’t satisfied with myself. I’m an emotional guy. I take dips. I go up and down. That was never meant to really go out. The whole video was created merely out of boredom. I watched it back and I thought, ‘This is garbage. This isn’t how I want to represent myself at all. Why am I wasting my time on this?’ It was a bit of a wake-up call, actually. I regret doing it because of the way I portrayed myself, especially on a guy who is beneath me. I humiliated myself.

  • Soulshroude

    Kahoy, if you dont like either brands or wrestlers… then why bother commenting on this forum, unless of course you are just trolling.

  • venom

    This whole thing is silly. It’s funny hearing two screw ups trash talking to each other. Paul did sound like he was full of himself here, but at least he removed the video.

  • Boomski

    I can’t remember the last time (if any) that I’ve read or heard Matt bash Paul London. And I hear Paul London all the time talking trash about Matt. Matt might be obsessed with himself, but I also think London is obsessed with Matt too.

  • CC

    And Paul London still cant let this go.
    He really needs to grow up.
    Its no surprise that London has a bad rep on the indy circuit as well.
    All he ever does is talk crap about people.

  • Raziel

    Heres the only reason I will defend Matt, his job was on thin ice the past couple of years so to get into a fight with another “Superstar” would be incredibly stupid for both parties.

  • Nicholas G

    Man Paul London seems like a bitter man an it hard not to see why he never really made it that far in either WWE, TNA or ROH. His attitude seems very cocky and it nothing that the wrestling federation want no part of which is why Paul London will alway now an forever will be an Independence wrestler. Matt Hardy has had a touch life with the stuff he had to put up with over the years it doesn’t surprise me Matt Hardy finally had a down fall in the WWE. But I will always respect Matt Hardy for being a man an holding up to his on fault which you can’t really say much for his brother Jeff and now Paul London. In an interview in a wrestling magazine Matt Hardy said it was his fault what happen in the WWE when he was let go. I respect him for that not many wrestler have to guts to look them self in the marrow when the made a mistake an say I mess up. Which is why in the end he will end up back in the WWE in a couple of years down the road. Because one thing WWE is known for is giving many chances for guy who had down fall. Heck how many times did the WWE give Jeff Hardy chances for his screw up. But Paul London is a guy who will never be back in the WWE which is why he seems to bitter. Because at the end of Paul London career only people who are going to know about him are a bunch of gym wrestling fans who are very small fans. But Matt Hardy will be known as one of the hardest working wrestler an I do see him ending up in TNA in the next couple of mouths or many ROH. But he will end his career with the WWE.

  • Kelly

    As much as I haven’t like hardy recently, give him a break he’s not putting up videos still is he? I think London is jealous that he’s STILL working indies while Matt had an actual job with the big guys.

  • Anon GM

    Paul London is better than Fatt Lardy.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    seriously, both these idiots should grow up and act in their 30s instead of being crybaby teens!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    I am a huge London fan, but his comments as of late is showing me why TNA and nobody else has picked him up yet. Paul calm down and quit doing these interviews.

  • Treg

    I have to admit London sounds kinda like an a**hole here… guess he realized that when he took down that video

  • Truthiness


    Chris Jericho famously took Bill Goldberg down to the floor in the locker room and held him there until he begged to be let go, so size has nothing to do with anything in a real fight.

  • erik

    Well i bought pwi magzine today in it it has london and kendrick holding wwe tag team titles. It says london and kendrick held the wwe tag team titles for 343 days as champions. I mean london was part one of a great tag team with london and is on record for holding tag team titles for almost a year.

  • Valo487

    I think Matt Hardy’s behavior as of late backs a lot of this up. He’d have to be deluded to believe he’s world champion material when he’s in the worst shape of his career and they’re having to change the wellness policy because of his behavior. That combined with he and his medicated brother taking shots at CM Punk just because they don’t like him, makes him seem pretty immature and jealous. Which is exactly what Paul London’s saying here. Sounds pretty believeable to me.

  • Zach

    Paul you’re small as hell. Matt would have knocked you out.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    F8ck Paul and Matt! They’re both f*cking pieces of s#it! F*ck the WWE and TNA too!

  • fh

    Paul London doesn’t make himself many friends at the moment. A few days ago he said, how much he hated working in WWE. Today he trashed the brother of the TNA WHC. Maybe Paulm likes working for the independents, but I think it’s not wise to burn that many bridges.

  • M

    Matt Hardy may not be the best person in the world, but that is no reason to talk about him like he’s trash. NOBODY’S PERFECT YOU KNOW!!!! Your below Hardy just by talking smack. Paul London seems like he’s full of himself. London is probably not any of the things he claims to be. At least Hardy is not responding to any of these dumb remarks and I hope he never does or else he will be bellow London.

  • cena approved

    [It's all down to] jealousy. He realized that he didn’t have the goods, that women just didn’t like him, and that I was a sincere person who had charm, who attracted females, and he became jealous.

    “have the goods?” this lame wrestled in a small ass boys & girls club gym in my hometown a few month’s ago. tickets were like 5 dollars. TNA would take matt’s lame ass before they take londons.

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