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Paul Orndorff Slams Bret Hart, Ric Flair and Ultimate Warrior In Interview

WWE Hall of Famer Paul Orndorff appeared on Inside The Ropes on Thursday night and slammed Bret Hart, Ric Flair and Ultimate Warrior (audio available here) . Highlights are are as follows:

Facing Ric Flair in 1982 for NWA World Championship: “He was just another body. Some are better than others. I believed in making it look real. I was probably hard to work with because I wanted it to make real and I knew how to wrestle.”

Experience of working at the first WrestleMania in the main event: “It was special. There were so many people. It was the largest crowd to ever watch it. And then the pay per view of it was just ungodly. This was my opportunity to be really noticed and be seen. My paycheck….it was huge. I made more money in that 30 minutes than I did in a whole year with the NWA. People expected it and they were gonna get it from me.”

Working with Mr. T in the main event of WrestleMania: “I wasn’t crazy about it. I was very protective WrestleMania 1of the business. I was taught that. You take care of it. You don’t give out all your trade secrets. But then again you look at somebody like Ric Flair and you can say how can you hide something when they look like that? So I guess I started to give in a little bit.”

Transition in WWF from wrestling to entertainment in mid 80’s: “It depends on your personality. I protected it. To me that wasn’t protecting it. As you can see right now, because they didn’t protect it, where it is now, there’s only two shows now. Look how many there was, there was one in every state, now look where it is.”

On Vince McMahon using guys like Ultimate Warrior, more about the body: “I thought it was the worst move they could’ve made. Vince did it on purpose. He did it so he could be the only one.”

On Ultimate Warrior: “He never paid his dues. You gotta pay your dues, go and learn your trade that’ll make it better when you are on that big stage. It’s called experience and nobody has any now, because there’s nowhere to go to get it.”

Right decision on giving belt to smaller stars like Randy Savage and Bret Hart?: “No. Absolutely not. It’s like putting the belt on someone who wants to be a wrestler. It didn’t work. It downgraded, made the belt worthless. When Terry Funk, Harley Race had world titles, it meant more.”

Opinion on long rumur that Hogan wouldn’t drop the belt to Bret Hart in 1993…: “I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t have either. Bret Hart was a nobody from Canada and Hogan was the greatest star in wrestling. I don’t blame him. He did the right thing.”

Quick Fire Thoughts

Ultimate Warrior: “I gotta go to the bathroom………………..NEXT!”

Vince McMahon: “One of a kind.”

Hulk Hogan: “Great.”

Bret Hart: “I don’t care much for Canadians.”

Randy Savage: “OK.”

Ric Flair: “A Joke.”

  • John

    @Scooter. Where exactly did you get those stats about Bret and Taker being the 2 biggest draws in europe? Im calling bs. But it’s definatly something I could hear Hart saying. Austin, Hogan, and Rock were the biggest draws ever period. Bret Hart at his very best couldn’t draw half of what they did. Sorry but it’s the truth.

  • scooter

    “I use a leg lock as a finish so I’ll hit every other body part then put you in my figure four even though I haven’t worked your leg at all!”

  • Mark

    wow wot an idiot . he couldnt lace brets boots

  • OGitchida


  • ##

    If Orndorff was around now he would’ve been a 10 time World Champion. He WAS that great. Hogan was champion for over 5 years. That title was on the right guy. Orndorff drew very well with Hogan.Which is what really matters. If the NWA and AWA were paying guys the money the WWF/Eand Paul went to any of those promotions, Paul would’ve been a multiple time World Champion there.
    Orndorff deserves respect although he does seem a little bit bitter.

  • 1919dpg

    btw, yes flair has always had a terrible physique and doesn’t look very imposing but the man has had some INCREDIBLE matches. he without a doubt deserved to carry the nwa belt back in the day. he could make ANYBODY look amazing in any territory he went to.

  • 1919dpg

    savage, hart, and flair are shit yet hogan is great?? yes hogan was more popular but this moron is talking about making wrestling look real.. he saying that ACTUAL WRESTLERS like hart were shit while hogan with his corny ass gimmick was a real wrestler?? this doesn’t make any sense.

    maybe he’s pissed because the smaller guys took over for awhile when hogan started getting stale.

  • Matt

    smell the bitterness in the air 😛

  • scooter

    Paul Orndoff – nothing more than an afterthought that will be best known for hanging around Roddy Piper.
    Bret Hart – Was the biggest draw in Canada and 2nd biggest in Europe next to the Undertaker. Got his push based on the fact he was getting twice the fan mail of any other wrestler (including Hogan)
    I rest my case.

  • I just love that he said Macho wasn’t big enough to be a world champ, when really, Orndorff was 2 inches shorter, and only 3 pounds heavier.

    And he only had 16 pounds over Bret.

  • John

    @Dave. Bret certainly was not a legend in 1993 by any stretch of the imagination. He had literally just broken into the main event scene and didn’t deserve to beat Hogan on such a big stage. Taker and Yoko were different as they brought in as monsters and were main eventers right off the bat. Bret on the other hand was wrestling for the tag belts just 2 or 3 years before. Contrary to what Hitman marks say the right call was made in 1993.

  • Devil_Rising

    P.S. If you wanna go that route, to be honest, Hogan wasn’t in the WWF ALL that long before he beat Iron Sheik for the World Championship. You could argue that Hogan didn’t “pay his dues” either. Bret and Savage certainly did, more than him.

  • Devil_Rising

    Wow. I know Orndorf was good back in his prime, before his arm got tiny. But seriously. Talking shit about Bret Hart and Randy Savage? Two of THE best ever? Hogan was the biggest star wrestling has ever had, because unlike Rock or Cena or Stone Cold, he was EVERYWHERE. He transcend the business, everyone knew who Hogan was, and he brought more attention to wrestling because of it. But to say he was the greatest WRESTLER, no. Not at all. He was not even the best champion.

    I think Bruno Sammartino would have something to say about that.

  • Fuckyall

    Come to Montreal n talk about Canada u washed up steroid monkey. Go inject hgh in ur ass u flabby old piece of shit.

  • Stevie P

    I’m not really agreeing with what he said but you gotta understand where he is coming from. Paul is one of those guys who was (and still is) all about protecting the business and making it seem like they were legit matches. Warrior was only a show, he couldn’t wrestle or do anything, but he could draw because he was entertaining and that’s where Orndorff draws the line. Hogan could wrestle when he wanted to (which was hardly ever). Bret just wasn’t a big guy and the only reason why Vince even put the belt on him was to get it on someone who didn’t look like he was on steroids (HBK as well) because that’s when the steroids scandal happened. Like I said I’m not backing the guy, but I can see it from his point of view.

  • dave

    hogan dropped the belt to Undertaker after taker was there only 1 year. hogan droppped the belt to Yoko who had only been there a few months. Bret was a nobody??? he was in the company 8 years at that point and had held EVERY title. i dont know why orndorff is pretending Bret wasnt already a legend then. plu si think of orndorff as a small guy.

  • Gorilla

    You know it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robinson

    What a douche bag

  • Jimbo

    And all those wrestlers you slammed are now much more highly regarded and much more well-remembered than you.

  • Gorilla


  • Gorilla

    But on a serious note…..Mr.Wonderful all these wrestlers you’ve insulted lol….well everyone of them have accomplished more then you ever did and especially The Warrior…now The Gorilla has got use the restroom and I’m wipe my ass with my autograph picture I had you sign, your comments make me wanna puke

  • Effmenow

    LOL I’ll give it to him on this one. AT THAT TIME Bret was nothing compared to Hogan as far as popularity. Wrestling wise Bret would’ve made Hogan look like a fool.

    In today’s society we see it all the time. WWE builds stars up and within a year they win the championship. Back then wrestlers worked their assess off for years before they touched a belt.

    So no you honestly can’t blame Hogan. But Bret Hart will always be the best there is, was, and ever will be.

  • Gorilla

    “If you put the letter S in front of Hitmant you get my exact opinion of Bret Hart”-Stone Cold Steve Austin