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Peep Show Returns on Smackdown, Match for Raw Next Week

– AJ and Daniel Bryan will be special guests on Christian’s Peep Show this Friday on SmackDown.

– Christian will defend the Intercontinental Title next week on Raw when WWE recognizes 1,000 episodes. WWE made the announcement after revealing Christian won a poll to determine which mid-card champion should defend his or her title as part of WWE’s new “RawActive” social media initiative when Raw permanently moves to three-hours.

  • scooter

    Pfft it’s christian will be a good match regardless of who he faces.

  • Sammo

    It was a tiny bit MASSIVELY insulting that WWE’s poll on RAW seemed to suggest that they believe the diva’s title and the IC title are of an equal prestige.

  • Tombstone

    Kane is going to interfere with the wedding plans.

  • Christian will probably face damien sandow for ic I hope aj and bryan wedding dont go through and they will break up and have a match at summerslam.