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Perry Saturn Interview: Advice from Top Stars, Getting Back Into Wrestling and More

The Albert Lea Tribune features an excellent interview with former WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA wrestler Perry Saturn, talking about his recent comeback to wrestling.

As noted before, Saturn recently returned at an AWE pay-per-view event and then was signed by the promotion to a deal. It is noted in the article that Saturn would like to make it back to WWE and that he’s talked with guys like Triple H, Diamond Dallas Page, Dean Malenko and Raven for advice on how to get back into the business. Here are some highlights:

Getting a second chance:
“I’m very lucky to be a wrestler to begin with, and I screwed it up because of drugs. I’m going to make sure that if I do get a second chance, I’m going to make the most of it. I’m not going to waste it.”

Being hooked on Nubain before methamphetamine:
“I screwed up really bad on drugs the last few years of my time in WWF, and I continued to tailspin out of control. By then I was really bad on Nubain. One time when I was still working for the WWF, but at home with my knee surgery, they were in Atlanta. It was where I lived at the time, so you go down to the building and see everybody. I made it to my car, did so much Nubain that I passed out, and didn’t wake up until the show was over. I never even made it down to the arena.”

After being clean for over 3 years, getting his fix from wrestling:
“I was homeless for 2 1/2 years, and addicted to meth. You lose all that self-worth and purpose. I get all of that from wrestling.”

Ready for another run:
“I’ve got something left in me, and I want to give back. I don’t know where it’s going to be but it will be somewhere.”

“I don’t want anything given to me, I don’t want anyone to forgive me. I just hope I’m worthy of forgiveness.”

“I’m very liked and respected among the wrestlers. I hope the fans enjoyed my work.”

  • venom

    He needs to wait in line with Chyna. I think Raven wouldn’t be a guy to ask advice.

  • joe

    if he does get resigned i think it would something similar to the legends contract that kevin nash signed

  • really

    @poko he could be a pretty good teacher in that ring maybe an agent or trainer afterward, kind of what goldust did prior to his injury

  • poko

    I really liked his run on WCW with Raven back in the day. He was very good in the ring. I have a hard time imagining he could ever be a real asset again, though.

  • Devil_Rising

    Perry Saturn was an awesome wrestler. It would be cool to see him get another shot in WWE, even though I fear he’d (sadly) get the D’Lo Brown treatment. As in, D’Lo came back, could have been huge, if they bothered pushing him/giving him mic time. Instead, he has one tiny fued with like, Carlito or Santino or someone, and then is off TV the whole rest of the run.

    Hope things work out for Saturn though. It was damn sad to learn that he dropped off the planet because of drugs. Even missed his friend Bam Bam’s funeral because of that. At least he’s picked himself back up.