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Perry Saturn Signs with AWE, WWE Star Grants His First Wish, McMahon Update

– reports that Linda McMahon has contributed over $600,000 of her personal money to her 2012 Senate campaign. Linda’s campaign has reported $1.2 million in first round expenses.

– The Awesome Wrestling Entertainment group, who debuted on pay-per-view a few weeks back, announced today that they have signed former WWE, WCW and ECW star Perry Saturn to a contract.

– WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel recently granted his first Make-A-Wish wish before the SmackDown tapings in Dallas, Texas. WWE Circle of Champions honoree Marvial Young requested to meet Gabriel. Gabriel told WWE’s website:

“It was pretty amazing. He knew about the wish for a month and had been looking forward to it since then. I was really excited. I started asking a lot of people questions – like John Cena, who gets to do this all the time. I asked him what it was like. By him describing it to me, I was looking forward to it so much.”

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  • After last night’s TNA show, Eric Bischof reached a new low for the public humiliation of his son. Is there any wrestling left anymore or is beatdowns of even family all there is left to watch in the TNA? Pathetic! Good God- is everyone trying to out do VKM? Script or not you guys are sick.

  • venom

    You’re welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Doggies eat applesauce so they can save the o-zone layer. You’re welcome.

  • Chris E.

    That is awesome about Saturn! He looked good in the match against Anderson. Saturn was a favorite of mine. I hope he can stay clean a making a great second coming of a career.


    Actually J-Roc Chavo Guerrero’s horse Pepe is gonna sign with TNA and team up with Moppy for a feud against Mexican America for the tag titles

  • Camille

    Nobody cares about Linda McMahon.

  • J-Roc

    I hear moppy is about to sign with TNA to become figure head leader of impact wrestling and presumably be thrown in the title picture

  • PinkSinCara

    No mention of Moppy? Boo. Hiss.

  • MWDynomite

    Haha at first I thought it said Perry Saturn signs with WWE.