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Photo of Bourne’s Foot, Eve Demonstrates Moves, Sheamus

– In the video below, WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres defends herself against 4-time Olympic swimmer Roland Schoeman:

– After a win over Tensai on last night’s WWE SmackDown, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus says he had no problems picking the big man up. He tweeted:

“Threw that lad Tensai at 360lbs up on me back like a sack of coal no bother… @WWETheBigShow is 441lbs… Hmmmm #HIAC”

– Evan Bourne has stepped up his physical therapy in hopes of returning to a WWE ring soon. He noted on Twitter that he’s still limping. As you can see in the new photo below, Bourne is still a ways from returning:

evan bourne foot

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I like Bourne, have since I saw him as Matt Sydal in Wrestling Society X. But when he came back from suspension, only to get suspended again immediately, he’s lucky to still have a job. I honestly thought he’d be released just for stupidity and a “Fuck this guy already” attitude. He’s goddamn lucky.

    When you come back, Bourne, make it count. And if WWE really did or will sign Alex Shelley, I’d love to see those two as a tag team. WWE wants to make tag wrestling exciting again, Bourne & Shelley. That’d be some good matches with Kane/Bryan and Mysterio/Cara.

  • DiamondSkye

    Evan Bourne? Dude give it up already. Drugs injuries. Meh’