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Photo of a Lucky John Morrison Groping Melina

  • erik

    @xx this is old ovw pic from 2004- or 2005. who knows melina and morrison break up all time. I know morrison is stuck in mid card because he is not a big 300 pound muscle man.

  • VickyBershok

    They are a cute couple! John is a very nice guy. I follow both of them on Twitter. You are obviously jealous cause you don’t look as good as he does!

  • XX

    Shocked that they are still together after all this time. Good for them.

  • nutmonster

    john is a dork i so dont see her with him for ever shes way to normal for him he needs like a snob like kelly kelly or torrie

  • Brian

    Remi Lavoie, you’re a retard. Just because one has a girlfriend, doesn’t mean that looking at this pic is a problem. I think you must be a pathetic man that has never felt the touch of a woman and that’s why you have to make random comments about having a girlfriend on the internet. I mean, who cares right? It’s the internet! Nerd! Everybody can say they’re whatever or have whatever through a stupid annonymous comment so what’s the point in you making your stupid statement?

  • Envy


  • scooter

    Just keep telling yourself that, Remi. Vickie Guerrero doesn’t even know you exist.

  • Remi Lavoie

    Who cares? I actually have a girlfriend.

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com Amish Patel

    Old but gold. Lucky guy!

  • Buddy

    haven’t seen this photo in a long damn time – it’s an old OVW photo

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