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  • kill PG era

    @jarvis that was an so ORIGINAL comment! where did you got it from huh?? you stupid asshole, stop stealing jokes!!!it isn’t funny twice!!!!

  • jarvis

    they shouldve just had darren young pretend to be cena

  • kill cena haters

    @me…u stupid bitch u need to be smacked asap u dumb fuk

  • Truthiness

    Why don’t they just have Darren Young be Juan Cena?

  • Jeff

    wow lol why wwe put the storyline in on cena joining the NX anyways

  • nando

    this is just the stupidity

  • marcum

    @susyrko lol that would be awsome since santino isn’t dping any thing in wwe right now

  • SusyRko

    They should bring back Santina Marella!

  • jim

    am i supposed to believe that the officials and wade Barrett really think he isnt john lame can you get.

  • Karl

    Look on the bright side: thirty years ago, they probably would have had him come out in a sombrero with a big fake mustache.

  • Wes

    lol different ring attire would be better too, he looks like a retard now

  • cenaWWE

    @ kill cena haters: lmao

  • mark

    i agree with all the comments of those above, he needs completley new attire and a different colour. whose dumb idea was this???

  • vargas

    how pathetic anyway.

  • vargas

    wwe is lame and it sucks.

  • me

    kill cena haters, you’re a pathetic moronic braindead childish cena fan, you’re the one who’s pathetic you little troglodytical parasitical tapeworm.

  • shawn


  • centerman

    We’re back to the 80’s hilarious gimmick era now.

  • kill cena haters

    yall people on here are the tru pathetic ones

  • Ryan

    Mr America comes to mind….

  • donners

    if this is done right, it could be hysterical – but it won’t be, so it won’t.

  • kriskooo

    dear lord they’re really gonna go through this! IDK how i’m gonna watch this

  • Logan

    His promos will probably be like Los Conquistadores(Edge&Christian version) and just say “Si” to everything.

  • Hunter

    Could have been so much better if he did have new attire and put on a fake mexican accent, but still made it obvious to the ”WWE Universe(kids)” and Wade Barrett that it was him. Could have been some good storylines with Barrett going after him and wanting the mask to out him.

    Mask vs Nexus breaking up storyline, anyone?

  • Eric Nixon

    Jesu, this is pathetic. They could have at least tried and given him tights. I’m so glad I don’t watch WWE.

  • Haha this is the equivalent of the Ultimate Gigant..

  • rick

    @Legend Killer

    They’re not trying to trick anyone. They want kids to know it’s him so they keep watching.

  • Legend Killer

    This is pathetic, seriously. I was actually interested in what would happen with this storyline. Don’t know about you guys but i think this is just about the worst thing they could have done, and not just because it’s been done before. Agree with the 2 posts above; if they at least changed his attire, at the VERY LEAST. This won’t even trick those ever important 4 year olds that watch.

  • adam tarasievich

    Ya i know you want to be viwed as a different chrachter. But why not just go to a tanning salon and be like there im juan cena. Instead you wear a mask your as white as white and keep your exact same wrestling attire does anyone remember Mr. America or whatever hogan was at least he changed his tights.

  • anycost cena to be come to wwe

  • Paton

    I could Cena much more seriously if he didn’t wear jeans to the ring