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Photo of Lesnar’s New Book, Orton Gets Good Review in New WWE Movie

– The old WWF Wrestling Buddies were ranked as one of the 100 Best Toys of all-time by Time Magazine.

– Today’s Variety gave a very good review to WWE’s That’s What I Am starring actor Ed Harris and Randy Orton. Orton plays the father of a school bully and is called “pitch-perfect” in his role. Variety described the movie as “Agreeable, uplifting and earnest almost to a fault.”

– Below is the new cover for Brock Lesnar’s autobiography:

Source: PWInsider

  • @KitKrock

    I couldn’t agree with you more! xD

  • rikardo

    for those that dont know brock lesnar’s ghostwriter was none other than paul heyman follow his blogs on heyman’s hustle dude is a good writer i definitely think this will be a good read

  • SusyRko

    Yes the cover looks like a bad poster for a bad horror movie

  • Dwayne

    Vinny, yes that would indeed be a great book cover, but I thought maybe since not only was he in, but became champion in both WWE and UFC it would be fun to see the two titles in the background or something like that. The cover just doesn’t suit the man in my oppinion, it ain’t gonna stop someone from buying the book but it’s till boring.

  • KitKrock

    Lesnar’s book without a ghost writer:

    Chaptuh One – ….

    The end.

  • vinny

    hey dwayne, is there really such thing as a “boring book cover”? for real? did you want lesnar to peel himself off the page and reach for you or something? wold that make the cover more entertaining for you?

    my god

  • vinny

    haha I used to have the hogan and ted dibiase wrestling buddies LOL… classic!

  • Dwayne

    I can tell Randy Ortan’s a good actor, glad to see it’s getting good reviews (so far). Brock Lesnar’s story should be very interesting (ghost writer or not), Boring book cover though.

  • CC

    Most books are ghost written because the people the book is about arent natural writers. Hell, even Jericho’s books are partially ghost written by Peter Thomas Fornatale.
    All a ghost writer does is take what the subject says, and put it into a well constucted book. Most wrestlers books would be unreadable if they didnt use ghost writers.

    Granted, the more input someone has in the actual writing, the more their personality will come across, but thats not always a good thing.
    For instance, as good as Brets book was, it really did drag in places as Brets not exactly known for his sparkling personality.

  • dx fan

    so was the dx book done by themselves


    does it matter, everything that is in the book will have come from lesnar.

  • scooter

    brock used a ghost writer so I’m not interested the only reason I ever read foleys, jerichos and bret harts books were because they wrote them themselves