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  • smokey

    If u look at the pic it looks like she got cut and pasted into that picture if u ask me it looks fake as hell…

  • Robinson

    That’s the kinda bitch you bring home to grandma’s house

  • she’s not that good looking.

  • tom

    with all the fanny in wwe and the fact randy is the top guy if ur not under 15 im sure he could nailed any of the divas but hes gone for a milf she looks way older than him!!!!

  • Chris

    She is hot for regular dudes like us, but Randy Orton, a WWE personality, he could do hotter. I’m not saying I’d do hotter, I’m saying he can.

  • Andy

    Yeah, orrrrrr his wife travels on the bus with him @TOBY

  • Joshy

    I bet she is better than any other girl you haters can get!

  • Chris

    No wonder the WWE uses actresses as his ‘wife’ on Raw in the past

  • Chris

    Nice suit, but c’mon, Randy could do a LOT hotter.

  • Jimbo

    Don’t blame him, you never know what kind of sickos are out there.

  • !?

    I’m” shocked that Randy let photographers take pictures of his wife as he extremely protective of his wife in the public forum. He doesn’t let his family appear on TV let alone on the internet. She still looks to be in great health though so that’s good.