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Photo of Sin Cara at His WWE Debut

  • http://youtube.com/howdaworldtwerks Twerks

    Thats about the same size (perhaps a little shorter, but same area) as Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Bryan Danielson, etc etc…You know, the people who can actually go in the ring. 5’7 – 5″11, actual heights, not billed heights. Small enough to be able to have some muscle on them and still move. Anything over that and you get people like Cena, Batista, who may look good and have a couple flashy power moves, but can’t have a “good” match with anyone that size or bigger. Rare exceptions being Taker and maybe Triple H in his prime. People complain about Vinces love of big guys and how they can’t go in the ring, then we bring a perfect size guy who can go and thats the first thing brought up. Jesus.

  • kriskooo

    he is short. he’s 5’7 according to wikipedia

  • Evil Doink

    He must be short, look at how big the lifts in his boots are.

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