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Photo of Snooki and Zack Ryder Backstage

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snookiryder Photo of Snooki and Zack Ryder Backstage

  • http://www.cricketinc.com Jaspreet

    Are her lips like that… or does she wants to suck on everything she sees??

  • M.C.

    trixie, no body gives a shit! m. Cole & snooki ruin raw. as long as that cock-hoar leaves wwe, I’m happy, & cole can take snooki with him….

  • Trixie

    @toby, just so you know, if she was 2 feet taller she’d be like 6’10″ or something like that. So maybe 1 foot taller would be bettter to say.

    But she is really freaking short.

  • bill sucks

    vide, i no get it? cena shuld be in da pic. he rules! chaingang, suckas!

  • vide

    Hmm.. she doesnt have to get on her knees…she can just stand…woo woo woo…u know it

  • EnderMX

    Zack is awesome. He actually has a fanbase, unlike most of the other used talent on Raw.

  • Big Daddy

    Haha! Why is Zack Ryder in his wrestling attire? Its not like he’s gonna be on RAW. Even though he is awesome!


    except yechiel (israel)

  • Bill

    @Thomas Toby was also writing “letters” to Layla on another page! Haha! But, seriosuly, everyone’s entitled to their opinion & can say whatever the want. It’s not that bad, & if it was, the guy who runs this site would ban him, right? It’s actually fun to have guys like Toby, CM Mark, & whoever else says funny stuff on W-E.

  • Thomas

    just time I get on here Toby seems to have something to say about one maybe he needs to barred on here he is a neg person with a dirty mind

  • Jimbo

    Good god, she’s short!

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