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Photo: Possible Spoiler on WWE’s 1/2/12 Videos & Tonight’s RAW

Several fans sent in the photo posted above of Chris Jericho arriving at the Nashville International Airport in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday. This airport is just a few hundred miles from Memphis, Tennessee – the sight of tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow.

Speculation has been that Jericho is the man behind WWE’s January 2nd, 2012 cryptic videos that have been airing.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    I didn’t like Jericho as a heel. But ever since he left I kinda miss him in the WWE.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    on twitter, Y2J is really trying to do whatever he can to make us think its not him

  • wliefnNDImdndn

    Knowing how Jericho is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to RAW even if it’s not him.

  • Prince

    Vince is getting exactly what he wants out of this. Everyone is still speculating, no one knows who it is. Will still be a surprise. Maybe both Taker and Jericho return. Maybe one, maybe neither. Could be both and then the videos are for someone else. Nobody knows. I love it.

  • Prince

    Honestly, it’s entirely possible that Vince flew in a bunch of different people to Memphis just to mess with everyone’s heads. No one really knows who it’ll actually be.

  • Tyler

    Why would they bring back Jericho when he walked out on his own terms and why would they say the end is near the last time Jericho it was the 2nd coming why would they do a 3rd coming hope it’s undertaker and if it’s taker it looks like taker is heading to raw just like Kane did but they are saying ratings are going down jericho returns those ratings are going to drop like stones in a lake

  • No1Coleminer

    im hoping its marty mcfly and good ol doc with their delorian to take us back to the attitude era, when everything was better, give me re-runs over todays product anytime

  • Justin Sane

    I think it’s going to be Gilbergs return… “Who’s first?”

  • bic boi

    Actually would be happier to see Brodus Clay at this point

  • aircon

    there is a photo on a other site say in its funaki? but i belive its either taker or Y2J

  • kevin

    I think the Jericho pic is real eventhough people are saying he isnt wearing a jacket or coat everyone else around him are wearing something. I guess where a little over 10 hours from finding out who the promos are for. Im just excited too see who it is. I think the WWE did a great job with this eventhough they will be bashed by the IWC regardless.

  • MLucero

    If several people sent in the same picture then it’s possible that it’s an old picture and not one from recently. They could’ve just saved it from other site they found it at. Let’s just wait and see what happens tonight.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    If you have ever been to the Nashville international airport then you will recognize that this is where the pic. was made. Now as for when it was made I honestlt do not know.

  • Dwaead

    I would think by now, if they were gonna do it secretly, they wouldn’t bring a surprise in via public transportation. They have private jets and Limo’s and such at their disposal. so why let him fly regular planes into Nashville.

  • Just seen the Taker picture.. 🙁

  • TheMark 4101/ 4814024650_140520bd3b.jpg

  • Shawn

    There’s another picture going around showing Mark Calloway at the “Memphis Airport” too. Meh.

  • TheMark

    ^ That’s what you get a few rows down when searching for “Nashville International Airport inside”

  • TheMark

    For people saying it could be anywhere – look at the floor of this picture from google images:

    Now compare to the Jericho image.

  • Ryan

    its jericho i mean come on why do we need a yearly promo to build up undertaker returning whereas before he’s just had the gongs and people have gone nuts!

  • daniel

    that could be anywhere

  • Prince

    Yeah, this still doesn’t confirm it for me. Pretty easy to doctor a photo, or make up where and when it was taken. Not much proof here. I knew it was gonna be a pic of Jericho before I clicked on this story. Not much of a spoiler for me.

  • Sam

    Or it could be for McCool 😉

  • Whatever

    ok, who want to know another spoiler???

    The WWE Rocker has learned exclusively from one of it’s fans, that Chris Jericho wasn’t the only WWE Superstar at the Memphis Airport today. The Undertaker and Michelle McCool were at the Memphis Airport as well. This means, the person the mystery videos are for could also be The Undertaker, or, it could be both Jericho and Taker.

  • trevor

    i think jericho will come out, but then undertaker will appear and take credit for the videos, setting up a jericho and taker match for wrestlemania…

  • Zach D

    I’ll tell u exactly what’s going to happen. In te middle of the WWE title match when punk has the upper hand, the lights will go out and the titantron will start with the numbers and letters and subliminal messages and then it will go
    Completely black and fireworks will go off and out comes JERICHO. Mark my words.

  • kevin

    I cant believe some people say boring or they bitch about not wanting him too return. He is not old and washed up and he can carry a match wit anybody on the WWE roster. He helped WWE over come WCW in the ratings war and was one of or the 1st WCW guy too leave that company when everybody had left the E. He has been my favorite wrestler for along time and I for one cant wait for the clock too strike 11:02pm tonight!! I just hope they dont change his entrance theme much because its perfect!!!

  • Dystre Fjell

    It might unfold just like when Taker returned last time, only to have HHH return at THE VERY SAME NIGHT.

    I think we might see both of them come back tonight.

    Anything but Sheffield…PLEASE !

  • Whatever

    I just hope that wwe won’t spoil his big return and will do something really good with it!
    this can be great! can’t wait until his return, RAW IS JERICHO!

  • JIR

    See what I freaking mean I knew it said SPOILER in big freaking letters yet I still clicked the link

  • Christina

    This videos are too spooky to be for Jericho. My money is still on the Undertaker being the man behind 1/2/12

  • Bill

    Honestly, I’m not THAT suprised.

  • TheMark

    It’s real, just take a look at his latest twitter update.

  • No1Coleminer

    i just dont think vkm would have chris come to nashville in public airport and looking easily recognisable. surely he would get chris to arrive at another near state airport and driven to the arena/hotel. so my bet is this photo is as genuine as rockys love for his people

  • rko

    VKM will be pissed when he gets wind of this.

  • simon07

    I think it would be funny if Jericho deliberately went to Nashville to trick everyone on the internet. Highly unlikely, but you never know with him.

  • scooter

    for all we know it could be a year old I refuse to believe its jericho I’m not falling into the same trap I did last year getting all giddy over sting when it turned out to be taker

  • bic boi

    Well.. There was a spoiler warning

  • out of my mind

    He might just be in town visiting his friends backstage or family in the area or we might get a two for one deal tonight or could be just a one time appearance like rvd

  • findley


    wonder if they could confirm where it is and when it was taken.

  • itdoesntbegin

    @luckysalt.. its only boring because its been reported about a million friggin times thats it jericho!! if there was no rumour of him returnin an he did it would be the mark out moment of the past year,fuck the rocks return he jus does it to promote movies an his brand

  • Hasan

    Fake airport is fake.. This picture could be of anywhere.

  • itdoesntbegin

    hope this has jus confirmed it!! some fools around were sayin it was for a cena heel turn….. when have they ever done promos for a fucking heel turn?? or for that matter people sayin oh the attitude eras returning.. use make wrestling fans look fucking stupid!! jus sayin

  • luckysalt

    Fucking Jericho, boring.

  • findley

    damn… lol.
    I kinda wanted to be surprised.