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Photo: The Undertaker In Nashville, Returning on Tonight’s RAW?

– It looks like The Undertaker may be appearing on tonight’s RAW. Below is a photo sent in by reader Justin, taken backstage at the Nashville Predators hockey game on Sunday night in Nashville, the site of tonight’s WWE RAW.

Undertaker in Memphis

  • Sean Kaboni

    i feel the same way. its far too late to start a dec
    ent fued with punk, or anyone, with the remaining time til mania

  • Sean Kaboni

    actually, if he wanted to hang out back there, he could do so all he wanted. unlike most people, hes earned that right…

  • ima_uzer2

    Build up toward Wrestlemania? It’s about that time…

  • Skip Becker

    Nothing you just said seems right. I read it twice and can’t understand why waiting a year would make any sense. He needs to just retire now. He’s turning into a sad shell of what he used to be. I don’t wanna see him struggling to get through it.

  • Errol E

    He should not come back this year come next year so 20 and 0 and wrestle mania 30. 21 and 0 and 30 doesn’t seem right.

  • Well, if he is on RAW, there goes that surprise. How about next time you label the link to the story as “Photo: Possible Spoiler, Huge Star in Same City as RAW Tonight”

  • dont get your hopes up too much, what would be the point in him returning tonight to tease a match with Punk with Rock vs Punk not happening till this Sunday, Yes we all know that it will be Rock vs Cena but whats the point in bringing him back on TV tonight unless its going to be some meaningless segment with someone like 3MB

  • Well it’s about time he returned if he is indeed able to perform at Wrestlemania this year. Could just be hanging out backstage though like a lot of former stars and part-timers do sometimes

  • Stumpy

    I’ll definitely mark out if I hear that tonight! I know he’s old and he should probably retire, but damn it, he’s the Dead Man, the Phenom, the Undertaker!

  • GONG!