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Photo: A New WWE Title Belt Debuted on Tonight’s RAW

– WWE Champion The Rock debuted a new title belt on tonight’s RAW from Lafayette:

wwe raw photos 0691

wwe raw photos 0696

  • D2K

    Lol @ the Fandango reference. That whole gimmick is so ridiculous it might actually wind up being entertaining. Just to laugh at it.

  • Pewp

    interesting, i also saw a pic of him holding what looks like a rough draft of the new design, i wonder how long they have been sitting on it.

  • Pewp

    Oh, people said the same when Brock was given the UFC belt. (If you aren’t aware, “fat randy”, out of shape and untrained, everyone knew Brock was “given” the belt).

    Brock helped bring the public in, and then he dropped it a few fights later in spectacular fashion. Some people loved Brock, some really hated him. Some felt he robbed Carwin, others fault Carwin for not being able to do damage with GNP. Most people thought it was exciting.

    Same with rock. I hate the rock. That said, having him back brings back the potential for a bigger crowd. I remember when pro wrestling was popular, in the mid 90’s, I remember in the early 90’s when it was mocked everywhere.

    I would rather have The Rock have the belt now, bring in some new fans where possible and drop the belt to someone those fans will hate. In that time, hopefully they will like a few others and keep watching when Rock leaves.

    I just want Punk to bring out T.L. Hopper and give Rock a facial dirty dose of “The Peoples Plunger”.

  • Pewp

    New isn’t always good, see TL Hopper. The good booking of Dutch Mantel, Jack Swagger, and The Shield does NOT have anything to do with how I feel about the title.

    I feel the title should be Iconic. I am not calling the new belt a piece of poo, but I am saying it doesn’t feel like a “world championship.”

    I have a different opinion than you, deal with it. I am just interested in seeing what happens with the side plates when Rock drops the belt. Will every champ have logo plates? or will it just be WWE plates most of the time?

    I was also hoping Punk would be the one breaking out a new belt, that he allegedly helped design.

  • Pewp


  • Pewp

    Oh cry. You just hate it when people don’t love everything and jump for joy every time a Fandango promo is released or a new belt is released. You hate individuality and you want to force everyone to think the way you do.

  • Pewp

    Exactly, you can’t even say you don’t like something without being stereotyped as a hater and crapped on.


    In the words of The Miz Really? THE ROCK is in great shape hes still young and can still bring it plus im looking forward to g.i. joe and fast six so i dont see whu people wanna hate on The Rock when the people (who are the only ones that matter) love him


    Okay first who cares about what some dumb championship belt thats gonna be gone after wrestlemania 2nd if the so called FANS who were actually AT the show yesterday didnt boo The Rock for unveiling the new belt then whys some IWC moron complaining about it cuz i just dont see the need and 3rd i find it funny how people been complaining for years that wwe dosent push the right people well guess what i LIKE Ryback,Sheamus,The Shield,Wade Barrett,Daniel Bryan,Del Rio,Ziggler,Cesaro and think these guys are getting in a good position with the company so you damn right i have a problem with you IWC fanboys crapping on something thats improved hell i even like what theyre doing with mark henry these days so frankly shut your trap cuz youre argument is dumb the product is good and if you dnt like it go watch tna

  • disqus_G36zPgPxbl

    This belt was made and designed by 1 of the guys from orange county choppers. There was actually a pic of this belt on this site months ago it just wasnt finished. But this belt looks way better then the spinner 1, accept for the brama bulls on each side. Hope they come off.


    Yeah i feel you or maybe cm punk gets added into the match wins it and brings a new “Straight Edge” belt or whoever wins walks around with 2 belts like jeff hardy currently does i mean whats wrong with that Sent from my Kyocera Echo on the Now Network from Sprint

  • RaTeD R

    “WE THE PEOPLE!!!!”

  • WHY does The Rock deserve it? For wrestling two whole matches this year? For getting a title run without actually having to put in any work to get there? If he wants to come back and work a full time schedule, then fine. But there’s no reason to keep the belt off of real workers to stick it on a “special attraction” for a couple of months. I respect what The Rock has done in the past, but I don’t believe that earns him a title run now any more than his 16 championships would earn Ric Flair one now.

  • Yep, what he f’n said ^^^

  • I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but this site (is at least supposed to) cover ALL pro wrestling. Not just WWE. As a matter of fact, this site would be a LOT better if they would actually have news sections for promotions like ROH, Chikara, etc.

    Having said that, you can’t sit and bitch about people’s complaints over the new belt. It’s THEIR opinion. If you can’t handle that, maybe it’s you who needs to “get off this site”. Or straight up off the internet. Differences in opinion happen, that’s adult life. If a persona can’t handle that, they have no right to call themselves an adult. And on THAT note, I personally think the belt looks like shit. Is is better than the SPINNER belt? Sure, at least marginally. That doesn’t stop it from looking stupid, just as the Tag Titles and the Divas title look in their own ways equally stupid. It’s as if WWE has gone out of their way to make the most laughable looking title belts possible in the last few years.

    It would have saved them a hell of a lot of money, and made a hell of a lot more sense, for them to just have brought back the former “Undispited” model of the WWE Championship, the one before Cena came along. That belt looked fine, looked like a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, that had an air of respectability to it. I’m sorry but a belt with a gigantic diamond studded “W” inside a square, doesn’t exactly say “class”. It looks silly, and if people want to point that out, it’s their right. I’m not a TNA fan, but I also have every right to dump on WWE for the dumb things they do if I so choose. Why? Because I have given them PLENTY of money over the years. Have you? I’ve gone to many live events, to PPVs, ordered countless PPVs, bought merchandise, countless DVDs. They’ve gotten plenty of my money over the years, dating back well into the 90s. So I’ll bitch about any single element of their program I don’t like. And quite frankly, if they would come up with less stupid shit these days, perhaps people like me would have less to bitch about and more to celebrate.

    The thing some of you “anti-haters” as you seem to brand yourselves seem to forget, is that, at least speaking for myself, I don’t WANT to hate what I see on WWE television. I’ve been a fan for at least half my life. I would LOVE for their product to actually improve on a consistent basis, I would LOVE to sit and watch RAW or Smackdown and NOT subconsciously facepalm at half the shit I see. I would LOVE to order Wrestlemania again, and have it FEEL like WRESTLEMANIA, like “wow, the greatest show of the year”. But I’m sorry, WM hasn’t felt that way to me since at least WM24, and really, the last GREAT WM was 21 (notwithstanding the last two matches). As a paying customer I have every right to voice what I dislike. And I dislike that damn belt, just as much as I hate that WM is all about Cena/Rock for the third straight year in a row.

    So there you have it. A different opinion than yours. Too bad. If you love the product they’re putting out, great. That doesn’t mean everyone does. And those people have just as much right to their opinion as you have to yours.

  • Jason Lentini

    He said in interviews around either Slam or Survivor last year that WWE was working on a new belt & that he had submitted some ideas..


    If its a lame company then do yourself a favor and watch spike tv every thursday and get off this site cuz frankly im sick of people complaining about wwe product when the fact is there the #1 company in the world for a reason and no im not a wwe mark i actually am a roh mark but i just feel wwe should get credit for pushing new the new generation such as del rio,ziggler,the shield,ryback,antonio cesaro,wade barrett,daniel bryan, etc and bringing back the tag team division so instead of whining about some stupid new title belt that we know is only temporary why not give credit where credits due and by the way ive so far enjoyed the returns of mark henry,r truth,brock lesnar,and y2j

  • D2K

    It’s called a period. Look into it.

  • Matt Trovato

    Each time I see the belt I like it more and more. Very simple yet flashy and straight to the point.

  • D2K

    Why is it that just because someone doesn’t like a design then it is
    “complaining?” Are we ‘obligated’ to like it? Is there a law or
    something that means that just because something is new that it’s
    better? Is there another law that just something is better than it was
    than that means it is great ‘now?’ Is there a third law that just because some people think it’s good, therefore, it IS good? o_O

    Every time the belt changes design there will be people that like it and dislike it. So what?

    You are complaining about other people complaining which cancels out your whole argument.

    Personally, I think it is better-looking than the spinner-belt, but that isn’t saying a whole lot since the spinner belt TO ME looked like a hot mess and should only have been used as a specialty belt for when John Cena held the title (such as Andre The Giant’s custom made belt for WMIII, the Ultimate Warrior’s multicolored belt straps, the Smoking Skull belt for Austin, Brahma Bull belt for The Rock, etc.)

    The spinner belt was too busy and this belt went too far in the opposite direction to become too bland. The design is about as uncreative and unimaginative as you can get. Just a big W with a few colored jewels around it. As I said earlier, that is what WWE is about nowadays so the belt fits perfectly. The title has no prestige anymore. What little prestige CM Punk brought back to it for holding it as long as he did got tossed out the window when they let a movie star that will be gone in a few months win the title.

    So it is what it is. A lame design for a lame company.


    So what its something new deal with it atleast wwe is booking The Shield and Swagger strong thats all im happy about


    I agree with you 110 % people on here bitch and whine about change then when it comes they STILL complain

  • Pewp

    source? (i didn’t know punk claimed to have seen a new title)

  • adam

    Ya it is there were pics of him with it. The emblems on the side r removable

  • Pewp

    I am complaining that it doesn’t resemble something that spells out “inspiration”. I was hoping for the winged eagle to return, just me. Maybe it will grow, maybe it wont. But I will point out that those side plates might be different for each champ, or just a WWE when a specified champ isn’t running the belt.

  • Pewp

    Then what, Cena brings back the spinner? Obvious it is a temp, it has the Rocks logo on the side, unless there will be a WWE Logo on the side plates, with “some champions” having customs.

    I liked the Winged Eagle belt. At least the WHC is somewhat pure.

  • Sean Kaboni

    I can guarantee this isn’t the belt cm punk said he saw.

  • adam

    Its ok I guess better then spinner I wonder if they will keep it and just change the emblems for new title holders

  • D2K

    The belt design is a micro-cosm of what WWE is all about nowadays. I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Tokeman

    The new Belt has class and style. What are all the complainers whining about? I really think a lot of people in the IWC just watch WWE to moan about everything. Is life THAT miserable?


    Screw the haters im just glad theres a new belt and honestly i think its fitting the rock brought it out cuz he deserves it plus i think its only temporary till cena wins the belt

  • Pewp

    I was hoping for the Winged Eagle. Instead, I get something worse than the NXT belt, worse than the Diva belt, worse than Jeff Hardy Emokid belt…

  • Hey, pretty much all of us were moaning to get the spinner belt trashed
    New Design isn’t my favourite but heck, better than the spinner…

  • Pewp

    My Avatar is better than the new belt, download it and really examine if you don’t believe me.