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Photos of Generico at NXT, Rumor on Cena and Adult Star, More

– The February 7th episode of WWE Main Event did a 0.9 rating with 1.4 million viewers.

– El Generico made his first WWE NXT appearance at last night’s live event in Orlando, Florida. Generico, still wearing his mask, appeared during a Brodus Clay vs. Conor O’Brian match. After Clay won, Generico danced in the ring with Clay and NXT Diva Anya. Here are a few photos:

El Generico and Anya

El Generico at NXT

– There are rumors online that John Cena’s ex-wife Liz has revealed that Cena cheated on her with adult film star Kendra Lust. The rumor goes that the two met at a gym, hit it off and had a sexual relationship for one year while Cena was married. A Google search reveals that Cena and Kendra did have some interaction on Twitter but that’s about it. It appears she is a wrestling fan also. Since the rumor came out, Kendra is denying that she had a relationship with Cena via Twitter. The talk of Cena having an affair with Kendra are strictly rumors at this point. An anonymous fan mailed in these photos of Kendra posing with a WWE Title belt:

Kendra Lust WWE Title

Kendra Lust WWE Title 2

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Solid

    Also there’s a letter missing from the word champion on one of the side pieces on the real belt. looks more like some slut stirring the pot with them coming out now.

  • The Killswitch

    It’s usually best to assume rumors are false rather than assuming they’re true. Seems like someone either jumped to conclusions, found a way to get some dirt on Cena, or perhaps it actually did happen. No way to know for sure at this point.

  • Scooter

    If Cena got her to wear the belt during sex I’ll take back all the bad things I ever said about him.

  • Fuuckk.P.G.Bitcheess

    i always knew lil jonny wasnt a p.g. guy….

  • spddem777

    That’s not the real WWE title belt. The real belt has leather that is much mush flimsier. It would not stay extended like the one in the photo.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Wow, what a role model for the kids

  • adam

    WOW!! WHAT AN ASS!!!

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Vena has probably slept with hella fine ass women when he was married.

  • Matt Trovato

    The name Generico makes me think of a cartoon super hero with no super powers.

    In other news, dat ass!