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Photos: Hulk Hogan Bloodied by Ric Flair at Hulkamania Press Conference

– Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair did an angle at a press conference today in Australia where Hogan was busted open and bleeding heavily. The press conference was held at Star City Casino in Sydney to promote the Hulkamania tour.

Flair and Hogan talked about their careers before they began fighting. Yahoo News of Australia reports that Flair was using his belt to whip anyone within range. The Daily Telegraph reported that one photographer had equipment broken when Flair threw a table off the stage and into the press before diving onto some of the photographers.



  • Tracy Henderson

    Kudos to the Nature Boy. Run Hogan out of wrestling forever

  • Amy

    Knobbs and Hogan still one funny team and Woooo go Ric Flair

  • Dan The Wrestling Man

    Well be prepared if Hogan truly has the influence and power as rumored you can bet The Nasty Boys will be coming to TNA. I was a fan back in the day don’t get me wrong but TNA’s current product is not right for them. I do hope Hogan is serious and thinks about TNA first and doesn’t use it as a platform to get jobs for his buddies who just simply can’t produce anymore. As for the press conference angle it sounded very effective and that’s a great image of Hogan sporting the crimson mask. With Hogan physically not as up to par a gritty brawl might be the way to go.

  • luckysalt

    Surely this angle is too late to spur any tickets sales in OZ?

    But good of Hogan to bleed. Would love to have seen Flair going nuts tho!!!

  • Vinny


  • The Stunner

    It’s a good angle, Hogan looks good but when’s the last time anyone saw him in a plain white t-shirt? It helped sell the blood at least and a good shirt design.

  • Bob Booey


  • Bob Booey

    Even through that shirt, you can see Hogan’s still in pretty decent shape. And the guy’s pushing 60. There’s no excuse, Knobbs, to be that fat. No excuse. Rikishi’s always been fat and looks healther. I hate Knobbs, Hogan’s biggest mark.