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  • edo.risk

    Raven’s Flock made a frankenstein experint mixing Kane and Mankind’s DNA??? Dont like Husky dont bring much… And that gimmik dosent look promising.

    And dont’t be confused REY is great… Sin Cara is yet to see if his good or just overrated! At his age, REY was on top of the world and know fans are taking him for granted just because the big promo and advertasing that cara is having…

    The Reason CARA has a door opend for him in WWE is because REY and EDDIE opende it. And this two did not need for WWE to look for other talent in Mexico so they can shine, they did it on thiere own.

  • Chuva

    Yea, that mask is a complete rip off of Paul Gray’s (RIP) mask. He’s lucky Slipknot aren’t like KISS, or there would be lawsuits a plenty.

  • Kris

    theyw ay he is in corner looks like Raven, maybe dress him very clsoe to that with a little biker thrown in and there ya go

  • Paton

    as above, they should dress him similarly to abyss.

    big fan of harris

  • Dale

    He looks pretty scary in that mask…… weird stuff.

  • dlb

    slap a cannibal corpse shirt on him and let him go to town, like a death metal version of umaga. he doesnt need to be in spandex or a prison jumpsuit like slipknot, just some dirty jeans and a tshirt that makes him look like hes come out of a dark alley to kick ass and take names

  • GOKU

    What makes you think Rey is pissed off that WWE signed Sin Cara. You have no idea.

  • adam

    thats what i was thinking it looked like slipknots stuff. I would say for him big guy maybe keep the jeans but have it more dark kinda like abyss but not with a bit A on the back. Like have all black kind of a jumpsuit like slipknot wears. Or have a orange jumpsuit even like the prison suits.

  • Ryan

    looks like a slipknot mask

  • Automattic

    Can’t argue with that, having a mask does mean that he’d need to be clothed. But I think it should be done with some sort of attire that seems to fit inside the ring, the last thing we need is for him to rip off the Cena style.

  • adam

    well jeans and a t-shirt is nothing special but if they want to do the mask gimmik they have ot have him clothed. Becuase if they have hte mask and just trunks then people will see the tattoos hair and be oh thats just husky. Also i think the generic atire is kind of good for him i mean would u think jean shorts and just wristbands would scream superstar most people would say no but thats all cena is ever in except for on his debut.

  • In Grind We Crust

    guess Husky Harris is 138?

  • dgnr83d

    husky needs to go on a diet

  • Automattic


    I agree, at least it’s something new. I can get on board with a mask for Husky, but only if they change the rest of his attire. Jeans and a t-shirt is too generic, and doesn’t indicate “superstar.” I think Husky definitely has the potential to big a great star going forward.

  • kriskooo

    he looks like a tramp

  • adam

    @toby his last gimmik wasnt really a gimmik it was just him. This one is good because its something different. I think because rey is throwing his little hissy fits and will be gone soon wwe is more inclined to have masked wrestlers again. Because before when rey was popular they were fine having him be the only masked wrestler. Thats also why rey is a littled pissed off now because they made the big deal about the signing of sin cara who alot of people think is a younger better mysterio. I say husky or axl can do alot with this gimmk. Good luck axl or husky whatever you want to call yourself.